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So I’ve been meaning to blog about this but I couldn’t find the time due to work and other important stuff, hence neglecting this blog.

Every single day, I’ll tune in to Muttons on 987fm without fail. Every single day, I miss sitting next to Vernon, opposite Justin being their producer. Every single day, I am thankful that I’ve grabbed the chance to be their intern producer. It’s quite a lucky chance actually..

Sometime in July last year, I’ve heard Muttons mentioned that they were looking for the most powerful intern in the world..

So a little background: I’ve been listening to 987FM and am a huge fan of the Muttons since secondary school. I’ve always wanted to be in the radio industry ever since I was young. I’m pretty sure that is the dream of most hardcore radio fans. As I grew older, I’ve never really worked on that dream because like how most Asian parents are, my parents are convinced that working in the media industry is something that won’t pay and is unstable. Hence, the radio industry was just a dream.
It was after school and I was lazing in my bed, listening to the Muttons when I heard them calling for entries for like the 10,000th time. Gmail was opened in the browser so I was like “heck, why not give it a shot?”
One week later, I received an email telling me that I was shortlisted for an interview. For a moment, I was thinking “what is this?!” I had totally forgotten that I had sent my application in.
I didn’t think I did well during the interview. There was a mini test and I think amongst the 3 of us (There were 2 cycles of 3), I did the worst. I met a girl (can’t remember her name) and Daryl in this round. Daryl added me in Facebook and we updated each other on further callbacks.
I got my long-awaited email and both Daryl and I got into round 2. However, we were asked to go down on 2 different dates. After comparing our dates, Daryl and I concluded that we might be doing some stuff live on their show and then the common date would be a final challenge. We also knew that there was a 3rd person but we had no idea who.
There were 3 challenges that I had to do. First, I had to find a news worth talking about. It’s not your regular news reporting. Being Muttons, there’s always something hilarious behind it, or something that is close to the target audience’s heart. The big news that day was about Prince George so naturally, I can’t do that because everybody had been talking about it. So I talked about a survey on Singapore.. top 10 countries on something which I can’t remember now. Haha. I remembered how both Vernon and Justin were giving me advice on how to go about doing it, and how they usually look for news to talk about.
Second challenge was to interview people. My task was to ask people “It’s a baby boy, what do you think his name should be?” Obviously, it was referring to the birth of the prince but I wasn’t allowed to say anything else. One of the highlights of this challenge was that I spotted Zheng Ge Ping in his car and I approached him and he was so friendly and onz he helped me with it!
Lastly, I had to pretend I was doing a live report in Sumatra regarding the haze situation. I had to make it funny and I don’t think I’m a funny person so I was really stressed. I was googling for haze jokes and thankfully, I kinda made it through.
Look ma! I’m on (online) TV!
Final challenge was fun! We went out of Mediacorp to get Muttons food and had to justify our buys. Mine was really cheesy. I bought youtiao and taohuay – youtiao cos Muttons are like youtiao; inseparable. Tau huay cos it goes with youtiao and it’s your localized breakfast food/snack. It ended with a pop quiz which I only got 4/10 because the other dude, Daniel got it soooo fast that after answering the first 6 questions, Muttons got Daryl & I to fight it out. LOL.
I was eventually crowned the winner and oh boy am I in for the time of my life!
This internship has given me lots of joy and fun, insights into the radio industry and I learnt a lot. It sounds really carefree and easy to just speak on the radio but it’s  SO not the case. Jocks need to constantly read the news to find out what’s going on around the world, especially in the entertainment sector. Apart from that, for a successful discussion with the audience, a good topic is needed. After thinking of a topic, we need to think of how to execute it – from what perspective, good cop bad cop, personal views etc. If people think that being a DJ is just to TALK, that is so so wrong.
Apart from all these, there’s also the behind-the-scenes work. How about all the soundbites? Ping & Pong, movie spoofs, Sam & Robert etc. All the ideas, the editing are done by them! (Okay I did the editing too lol) I remember the most stressful edit I did was for one of the movie spoofs. There were so many sound effects and I was given 20 minutes to do it. I was still new to ProTools so I was really slow. 5 minutes before it was to be played, Justin called me and told me that it has to be done already. I was only halfway through. I only got it done, and saved it into the system 20 seconds before it went on air. Nervous ttm but felt so accomplished after that! Hahaha.
It’s so much fun working with them because it’s always funny with them around, and I get to go out with them!
One Direction pop-up store


JC Sum and Magic Babe Ning in the studio!


Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider! ❤


Yes I got a hug from Kurt. OH YEAH.


The Sam Willows live in the studio!


& this is what everybody in the office have experienced – photo spams by Dee.


My pretty bosses and I.


This is how I gain weight. So much food!


The new trend: Sparrow Face.


Halloween make-up!


Muttons won the best radio show at the Mediacorp Radio Awards 2013 and I’m proud to be a part of their show 🙂









The Canon Photoshoot Challenge!






My first ever ZoukOut thanks to the colleagues!


Last day of work.






Reunion @ Zouk Arcade!



Throughout this 6-month internship at 987fm, I’ve learnt so much about the radio industry and I’m in love with it. Unfortunately there wasn’t a full-time position for me otherwise I would have stayed. I’ve worked alongside with my all-time favorite DJs and it’s practically a dream come true. I’ve never expected to be sitting next to Vernon, opposite Justin, doing a show live with them. I’ve never expected to hear myself on radio live. (Heck I still sound weird to myself) and this didn’t feel like work! How can it be work if I love what I did?
Still a fan of 987fm and Muttons, and I definitely miss being a part of the 987 family every single day. They have brought so much experience, fun and laughter into my life. I found close friends in there – Elyz and Netya. Yes you two. I’ve learnt so much from the masters – Justin and Vernon. I had so much fun with the rest of the family – Dee, Sonia, Syark, Sam, Wendy. This is definitely one of the best chapter of my life and I’m proud to say that I was part of 987fm even though it was for a short 6 months.
I’ve never really thanked Vernon and Justin but I just want to say a big Thank You to them for all the fun and the experience and of course, patiently teaching me and advising me. I may not be a very good producer but they were the ones who gave me the chance to be one, and taught me how the radio industry works.