mix and match

Almost midweek!

Can’t wait for the weekends already 😪

I have like 10,000 thoughts in my head now and I’m gonna try organizing them..

Did my touch-up with Ice over the weekend and I was very surprised my colleague noticed something different about my brows! 👍🏼 #dayrebeauty

Embroidery entry here: @ivyyt:170617

There was a customer before me so she applied numbing cream for me while she finish her work with the lady. All was done within an hour.

She’s gonna pop in December and she mentioned that she will update her IG (@browart_by_ice) when she’s gonna resume her business.

Got my second pair of specs from Foptics! I mentioned I was eyeing Lit in Gunmetal before (@ivyyt:310717) and I stuck with it heh.

In a state of confusion because when I bought my contact lens, I did another round of eye test and it was almost 100 degree difference from my Owndays degree. Now, it seems like the results from the latest eye test is wrong because the left side was blur. Sigh pie. I think I need to go for a 3rd eye test.

Nevertheless, very satisfied with my choice. Received comments that I look like a student now 😂 can’t wait to get the degree sorted out so I can wear this out more often.

I used to think people who have eyesight problems but change specs everyday are mad. I’d understand if it’s a degree-less specs; it doesn’t cost as much. But now that specs are so affordable, I can kinda understand why already.

Different specs, different look and feel. On days I wanna look serious, I go for this specs.

I just realized he customised the case for me too! A good 4 days after receiving the specs 😂

PMS-ing now.

I get agitated easily, as I realized today, after work. But I don’t know if it’s easily agitated or the same thing happened 3 times in a row, which pissed me off. I think I have the right to display my unhappiness, although I have to admit, it wasn’t very nice.

I have 10,000 different cravings. Kueh chap, carrot cake, hokkien mee, salmon sashimi, pizza, burrito etc.

And I got myself an onigiri from Giant.

I was pleasantly surprised that this onigiri is so much bigger and have more ingredients than any I’ve seen so far 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Worn my new #taobao earrings out one by one.


I super love this pineapple one 🍍🍍

Every morning was fun, thinking of which earring goes best with my outfit.

I wore this for two days.

It’s small, classy and dainty. Good for working days, or when you have like a formal meeting to attend.

Gonna try something else tomorrow.. maybe that grey flower 🌼 #ivyytaobao

Planned for another #JB staycation! #dayretravel #dayretravels

Sharing this good deal: Secret Escape is having a promo for Amari JB at $76/night, breakfast included + 30 min massage!

Valid from Nov’17 – Mar’18. Deal is ending in 6 days’ time.

Use my link and you can get $25 free credit. Disclaimer: it’s a referral link so it’s a win-win situation for both of us ✌🏼

They had a sale previously for Sofitel Sentosa at $278/night and I regretted not buying. My colleague went over the Hari Raya weekend and enjoyed herself immensely.

Waiting for any potential BKK hotels for our upcoming trip.. #goodthingsmustshare

Datz me.

Feels like I’m getting boring day by day. It’s just work and home, work and home.

Hardly take pictures because camera is disabled. I try to enable it everyday. So far it’s pretty good, but nothing interesting to snap 😂

Finally a #dayrebrides update!

Got myself bridesmaid #3!

I’m actually past my deadline. I gave ourselves until T-365 to #tohtallylokey to decide on the four brothers and sisters but I’m 11 days overdue and my list is still not complete.

I don’t think the husband has his yet..

Anyway, so glad @blubaobao can be my bridesmaid!! 🎊🎉 Our weddings are 2 months apart and we are not superstitious so YAY!

Yay. HLE got re-evaluated. Had to resubmit all our documents and mydocs@HDB was a bitch. Only PDF and JPEG allowed, have to go through step 1 to 10 to submit each and every single document (there were 10 docs in total)

We got updated to Oct/Nov. I really hope it’s Oct though! So many people have collected their keys and I can’t wait for our turn. #dayrehomes #tohtallylokeyhome


Shopping loots!

Down since yesterday and have been drifting in and out of sleep due to the medication!

The hardest part is always the waking up part. Can’t sleep too long, but can’t get up either.

The only good thing was.. my loots came!

Today it’s.. #obc, #taobao and #ezbuy ✌🏼

What other way to feel better than to receive presents?

Bought #Ourbraletteclub’s #OBClassics The Unconditional Love in sea foam initially.

Don’t know how @braintango does it but I placed my order on Monday, 12pm and it was in my letterbox on Tuesday evening.

It was so comfortable, and seeing more reviews of it in other colours, I went ahead and ordered the remaining colours.

It’s really very comfortable, even more so that b00bhugger.

I love that it looks good and makes me feel good too. My sisters were very safe and protected.

There was a little issue of a permanip due to the ending of the seams. It shows up a bit under clothes but not too much of an issue I guess!

I would love to recommend this to my mum but I don’t think she would be very keen on the cutout in the middle 😂

Moving on to my #taobao items..

Now that I have ezbuy Prime, I hardly buy direct from taobao anymore unless I have very urgent items or if my parents are buying many different items in bulk.

Taobao direct is definitely faster than ezbuy and my forwarder of choice is Prouter. The local logistics company is SimplyPost and I have no complaints for them so far.

This batch only has earrings and earrings only 🙊

An overview lol.

They are all from the same seller. I had to hit 48RMB (if I’m not wrong) to get free domestic shipping.

I love how dainty it is! The colour is very sweet too. I don’t have a lot of green accessories so this is perfect 😀 Just remove the ball and poke it through the earhole. As simple as that!

💸: $0.80
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytsep1


Saw so many blogshops selling this (at exorbitant prices) and I just have to find it in taobao. Not a difficult task. Blue’s mine and @caffeinefix got it in black.

Was thinking hard between pink or blue. Had pink hair previously so it’d most probably clash if i got pink so blue it is, but I’ve since changed my hair colour LOL.

💸: $1.90
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytsep2

The difference between this and the green one is.. it’s slighter bigger. That’s about it. Now i’m thinking if i should get grey.. NONO. TOO MANY EARRINGS.

💸: $1
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytsep3

perfect for days where I want to go simple and sweet, and not overly loud.

💸: $1
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytsep6

Bought another pair of pineapple earrings with studs this time round because the previous one was rather heavy and it was moving quite a bit without any stopper.

💸: $1.20
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytsep7

Which brings me to the first pair I got.

I’m letting this one go at cost price if anybody is interested! (See @ivyyt:250717)

💸: $1.80

Shapes earrings are ❤ I think I’m going a little overboard with all these.. but they are all so cheap!

💸: $0.90
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytsep5

I really like such flowers. Daisy? The stick with the pearl is a separate piece so if you don’t like it, you can just remove it.

💸: $1.20
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytsep4

Saw it at @angiraffes’ post and I knew I had to get it. It goes really well with the phone covers that I’ve bought! (See @ivyyt:190717)

💸: $1.61 each
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytsep8