first impromptu hosting!

First impromptu hosting at #tohtallylokeyhome!

It was supposed to be a dinner outside but we changed it to our house because my two very good friends popped by with heavy gifts!


With barely anything at home, I rushed to the supermarket to grab some stuff.

So here we are, pasta with mushroom and broccoli, and honey baked chicken! #ivyytkitchenadventure

My first time using the built-in oven and I was reading the manual as I tried. So afraid that the chicken won’t be cooked 😂

I usually have problem gauging how much pasta to cook for one pax, and it’s 4 today 😓I guess the amount was okay for us! We ended the night with ice cream 🍨


I’ve never been so happy about receiving a tool box before HAHAHAHA

And of course, air fryer! 💕💕

So this marks the first proper meal I’ve cooked here, and the first hosting 😀 😀

Can’t wait to stock up the fridge over the weekend, clean all the electrical appliances so I can do a proper cookout!

My problem now is.. I can’t remember where I put all the different stuff 😅😅

#firstworldproblems for new #dayrehomes owners? 😬