Best intentions

Look at what my in-laws brought us!

Initially I was worried that we don’t have any CNY snack for hosting, now I’m worried we don’t have enough people over to help us finish all these 😂

Here’s a better picture lol. My upper shelf is totally filled omg.

I’m not a snacky person so I usually don’t touch them unless someone took the initiative to open them up. Even then, I won’t be stuffing my face with them.

Also got a new handmade bracelet from A’s godma!

Previously she gave me a rose quartz bead bracelet as a blessing and it broke a couple of weeks back.

They told me this means that the bracelet blocked bad things on my behalf.

Well, I’m not particularly superstitious or anything but okay sure! I mean, it’s good intention from my in-laws and I’m really touched.

So yay to this new bracelet! Smaller and prettier 😀

I’ve heard a lot of horror stories with the in-laws and I’m glad I am fortunate to have wonderful in-laws.

I skipped the whole moving into my in-laws’ place so I guess that’s good.

I got a little upset, like when we have to keep the bright red, celebratory, customary things like a (radish???) plant (which are attracting flies and I don’t have green fingers. I kill cactus), huat kueh, huge traditional rice container which we can’t touch until the 15 days of CNY ends.

Like firstly, items like carrots and pineapple is rotting, and coupled with the plants, it’s heaven for flies.

I can easily kill 5 flies on a normal day.

Then it’s taking up space on my already limited kitchen top.

I would always show my annoyance to the husband. Not a very good wife moment, putting him in a difficult spot.

I know the in-laws have nothing but the best intentions for us and so, I’m gonna try to work around these stuff and patiently wait for 3 March to arrive.

4 thoughts on “Best intentions

  1. I know what you mean with the carrot and the radish! Try putting in a ziplock? 😂 my husband refused to throw anything away. The ong lai we used to roll into our house when it was done with reno is still sitting in my fridge wtf!!!

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