taobao hauls, home edition part 2

Finally mid-week! Omg I’m dying and this stress is gonna continue until at least mid-March. And it’s still February! 😭

The only consolation was that I went back to my parent’s place and had dinner by mum 😀

Maybe it’s the stress, maybe it’s just me, but I felt so overwhelmed, I started tearing while having dinner. I really really miss home though. Home where I can behave as a kid, and not an adult, where I go home to a warm nice meal waiting for me, where I don’t have to do housework, where my parents check on me before they sleep. Didn’t manage to see my parents because I had to rush for my #ezbuy delivery.

It’s okay I guess! I saw them on Saturday and they are coming over to my place this weekend!

Speaking of ezbuy, it’s been a while since I did my reviews so here goes!

Wooden mats coasters

Because it’s just too pretty. The entire set comes together. So 1 stand + 6 coasters. There’s many other designs to choose from as well.

💸: $6

Silicon mat coasters

The cork ones will not last forever, but the silicon ones will last longer! It comes in a pack of 6. Brought some to the office so I won’t have to risk hurting my hands when I use the microwave.

💸: $6 (1 for $1)

Storage Rack

This rack organiser is very handy when you have bigger cabinets such as the one under the sink. More space to put stuff. I also have one at the dry cabinet to stack my containers.

💸: $6.30

Alphabet Feltboard

It’s like an Instagram must-have! Bought one from Deko.Deco during their Black Friday sale and back then, I couldn’t find this on TB. Now, I see quite a number of listings and at a fraction of the price too!

The entire package comes with 2 sets of alphabets, the board, and a pouch. This board has a stand at the back!

💸: $10.60

Ceramic plates

Got these ceramic plates not for the kitchen, but to arrange my vanity drawer 😀 The plus point is that I can use it as a plate if I want to I guess! It’s also safe for oven hahaha. The colour matches my TV wall though!

Using the plates as my drawer organizer!

💸: $5.90 (big), $3.90 (small)

Rice Dispenser

I like this type because the rice comes from the bottom. So when I pour in a new bag of rice, I’ll be using up the older ones before the new pack! So for this one, when you push the lever down, the rice tray is locked. The only way to pull the tray out is to push the lever up again. 👍🏼

It’s available in OG but definitely much more expensive. 6kg is a nice size for the two of us 🙂

💸: $15

Sink strainer/stopper

I use this in the toilet and for the kitchen sink.

So much easier to remove hair or food waste from the toilet/kitchen sink. But take note that this 12cm one is slightly bigger for the drains in the toilet. I think a 10cm one would actually fit it.

💸: $0.50

I use the disposable ones too but it seems a bit wasteful. Still sitting on the fence for this 2!

Rice Washing Bowl and Washing Bowl Set

Rice washing bowl:

This is pretty much self-explanatory yes? Haha.

💸: $1.40

Washing bowl set:

It comes in a set! The leftover water can be used to water plants. So convenient!

💸: $4

Storage baskets

Used these baskets to store almost everything. From my canned food, to cleaning items to craft items. Bought 10 and it’s not enough! Carted out another 10 😀

💸: $1.40

That’s the end for today! Part 3 coming soon, once I take photos 😀

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