taobao hauls, home edition part 3

I’ve waited for this for freaking long. It took the sea shipment and then it got delayed for another 10 days from the estimated delivery. I have to say this is super worth it! I LOVE MY LIVING ROOM NOW. We were on the hunt for a carpet to match our geometric wall and this. is. perfect! #dayrehomesJust the dish rack alone is not enough to air all the kitchenware so I got this one!Been a while since my last post. Workload has died down a bit, which is good because I finally have time to breathe!

This means going home slightly later or on time, which means I have time to cook and bake!

I’ve finally used my Kitchenaid! And I love love love it so much! The difference between my cakes before the kitchenaid came into our lives and now is so drastically different!

I’ll keep that for another post.

Gonna continue on my #taobao haul as promised!

I still have quite a lot of stuff coming from #ezbuy. Gosh they are soooo slow. But I guess I shouldn’t complain because it’s a trade off. Waiting time vs shipping fee.

Anyway. Here’s my #taobao haul, home edition part 3.

Dish rack

Just the dish rack alone is not enough to air all the kitchenware so I got this one!

💸: $3

Hanger Holder

I put this above my dryer!

💸: $2

Pants Hanger

💸: $4.80

Lock and Lock

My favourite buy of the day. I got it during one of their sales period so it was slightly cheaper than the normal price. So much cheaper compared to getting it locally?! 7 piece set leh!

💸: $23.70

Lock and Lock (interlock)

Also got it during the sale! 10 piece set, damn worth it!

💸: $20

Wooden Alphabets

For decoration purposes lol. I’m thinking of painting them but can’t decide on what colour yet!

💸: $0.20 (but there’s domestic shipping of $1!)


Comes in various designs and colours! It’s really comfy 😀

💸: $20.70 for the couple set


I’ve waited for this for freaking long. It took the sea shipment and then it got delayed for another 10 days from the estimated delivery. I have to say this is super worth it! I LOVE MY LIVING ROOM NOW. We were on the hunt for a carpet to match our geometric wall and this. is. perfect!

The seller has really pretty carpets! It was so difficult to narrow down to 1. I think I shortlisted 5 and then got the husband to choose.

💸: $82



After moving out for a month, I got homesick.

It started about a week ago. I was OTing at my vendor’s office and then my brother spammed the family group chat. I was wondering what was it and the moment I saw the messages, I wanted to cry. They celebrated my mum’s birthday a few days early (because she was gonna be out of town on the actual day) and 1. nobody informed me. 2. my brother’s girlfriend was sitting in my usual spot.

I was really upset and I went to the toilet and bawled my eyes out LOL. It was either the homesickness, or stress, or both.

My dad called, explained that he heard from my mum that I was going to OT and that’s why he didn’t tell me. That’s not a valid reason! I told him I could go back for a little while and then return to work if I have to. He passed the phone to my mum and when she realised I was crying (really badly), she shouted to my dad, “她在哭!!”

I was crying my eyes out, I don’t even know if he could fully understand what I was saying in between the sobbing. I burst out saying that now that I’m no longer staying there, they keep forgetting about me. (They forgot to inform me they went to River Hongbao during CNY and I only found out through photos)

For the first time in my life, my dad pacified me. “没有啦没有啦。我们没有忘记你。不要哭啦爸爸最疼你”

My relationship with my dad.. we aren’t exactly the closest. I spend most of my teenage years not talking to him; I only acknowledge his presence when he comes home from work.

It got better after that though. And when I was about to move out, I felt that he focused a little bit more on me, than my brother. I’ve never burst out like this in front of my parents before. To hear him pacifying me, I think it is a personal milestone.

He called me before they left for Malaysia. That’s another first. Usually my mum would be the one calling. This time round, both of them called me. He called me again, when they had decent wifi and even gave me a hotel room tour. Yep, another first. Even A was surprised by it.

While they were away, I went back to my parents’ place to put some beer, and also because we were visiting a friend whose new BTO is just opposite the block. I got all emotional and I guess that was when the homesickness started. I missed my family so much, I spent the last 3 nights crying to sleep.

It feels stupid though. It’s not like I moved to another country or something. I’m just.. 45min away from them. Or is this a part of this whole new journey?

I won’t deny that moving out does help in my relationship with my parents. I’ve come to realise I’m more and more like my mum (that’s a story for another day) and because we are physically apart, I don’t get annoyed by her. I call her once every few days to just chat, ask for cooking advice/tips.

Happiness is.. going back to my parents’ place for dinner by my mum.

Went back for a couple of hours ystd & it was the best night in recent weeks. Contented to have a few hours with my parents, just chatting.

I waited for them to come back from work. (8.45pm)

Mum: of course must wait la! So long never see your face already.
Dad: how come haven’t go home?! later go home very late leh!

Dad kept chasing me home every 30min or so, saying that it will be late once I finish washing up. That’s his way of showing concern I guess.

Mum was happily sharing photos and stories of their recent Malaysia trip.

I guess as we grow older, such time spent together is just blissful. 💕

Still Alive.

Hi guys.

Yes I’m still alive. Radio silence since February and I’m finally back. And good to see that Dayre is still alive, although there are lesser and lesser new posts =/

Work was absolutely crazy, but we survived. 2 whole weeks of OT till 10-11pm is really no joke. It sucks the soul outta you. I had so many sleepless nights. But despite the hiccups and stress, I love my team, I love my colleagues. We were there for each other, we encouraged each other, we helped one another even though we were dying ourselves. They make the tough times better.

The big event is over, and it was worth it when the video we created was played on the big screen, and we received compliments on the work done. Boss is requesting for a day off in lieu for us and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it!

Another half day work this Saturday which will translate into another off day! Saving all my leaves for the wedding, and our honeymoon (hopefully). I have accumulated.. 31 days for this year so far.

We have also hosted 2 rounds of housewarming for our families and friends. Glad that that’s done! It was really tiring hahaha.

For our families, we ordered our buffet from Good Luck Kitchen and the food was good! No pictures because I was too busy hosting to even snap anything.

For our friends, we ordered nasi lemak from Aliff Nasi Lemak from Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. Why there? We had it at one of our friend’s place and the nasi lemak was soooo good, we decided to keep this contact for our own housewarming.

We ordered Set A x 30, 30 otahs, 15 extra chicken wings, and it all adds up to $160. The rice was super coconuty (YUMS), and the chilli. Oh it’s to die for.

The auntie was very kind! She didn’t collect any deposit from us and she also lent us her rice tub. The rice was still very warm 12 hours later. Happy to say that everybody loved it! The portions are big, so order slightly lesser than your anticipated number.

We got so many bottles of wine, that one might think we are alcoholics 😂😂

I was over the moon when our guests said that our house is very cosy. That was how I designed the house to be. Ultimately, it’s a place that we come home to everyday and I wanted it to be welcoming, cosy, filled with warmth and love. For outsiders to even feel that way, I’ve achieved my goal! 😊

Love coming home to this. 💕

Our ID brought his potential clients over for a tour, and also signed off on our handover at the same time. A few more minor defects to fix and we are really done! He gave us a very nice surprise – we got some money back because we paid too much hahaha. For the amount that we paid for, and the quality of the work done, I gotta say it is quite affordable. #dayrehomes #tohtallylokeyhome

Signing with Dan was the best decision we made for our renovation, even though he drives me up the wall with his slow and very sporadic WhatsApp replies.