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I had a weird dream last night! It was related to @/pearlynkmin’s Spanish laws post on squatters.

I dreamt that Aaron and I were in Korea and there’s a small island just off the mainland. A condo estate was on that island. The island was also very susceptible to big waves crashing into them but I don’t know why, squatters were attracted to this island and the management not only have to battle with the waves, they also had to solve the squatter issue. LOL.

Then on the mainland, there is this particular spot in the outdoor carpark where durian trees grew. Many people from all walks of life – students, men in suits and ties, uncles – waiting for the durians to drop. Many of them ended up shaking the tree violently and the durians dropped. (Nobody got injured though) They began fighting for the durians and I remember vividly that a school girl was fighting with a man for the durian and they turned round and round like merry-go-round. #ivyytdreams

The end.

Looking for AIA Vitality weekly challenge buddies!

I finally signed up for AIA Vitality after a while.. ever since @gissysux mentioned it in May 🙊

Since I can hit the weekly target, might as well earn some money out of it yeah?

So here I am, albeit late, looking for team members so we can earn additional $5 every week.

Let me know okay!

Gonna post my #taobao loots after work! Heh so excited to share my good buys with y’all!! #ivyytaobao

Saw the news and decided this will be my dinner. Haven’t tried the coconut pie and chendol mcflurry!

I even called up the macdonalds nearest to my place to check if they still have the burger 😂

No chendol already though. 😕

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodies

The husband told me yesterday that the mac auntie said Wednesday was the last day. I didn’t really believe it.

Now I do.

Fuzzie topped up their ezbuy gift cards!! Their ezbuy gift cards always run out damn fast.

Basically Fuzzie is like a gift card e-shop. You buy credits from them and top up your accounts like Grab, Ezbuy, #Lazada, taobao etc and get to earn cash back at the same time!

I usually use credit card to pay for #ezbuy but I hate the 3% cc processing fee. With this gift card, I can top up my ezbuy account without incurring the fees, earn miles on my cc, and get cash back at the same time!

Enjoy free $5 credits if you sign up using my code! Https://Fuzzie.com.sg/ivy6847

This is NOT a sponsored post ah! Just sharing good deals and how to avoid ezbuy’s credit card processing fee 😂

Okay time for some taobao reviews..

Have been eyeing this before we went to Bali.

Bought this for Boracay and now I feel like it’s not gonna be big enough for the both of us + our barangs barangs. HAHAHAH.

💸: $7.85
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytjuly15

I’ve never had a denim jacket before and when I came across this jacket, I thought it’s time I should try one.

Bought an XL and I’m pleased with the quality, but it’s too large for me T.T Anyone wanna take this off my hands so I can get a smaller size please? Let me know!

Selling at $7.50 (normal mail) because it’s realllyyy heavy.

💸: $6.50
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytjuly14

Been eyeing it for sometime and I just decided to get all these.

The coasters are really really heavy. Surprised at how good the quality of all these items are!

You’ll see them in use below 😂

💸: $10 for 4 items
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytjuly16

Had it in my cart for quite some time. Was reluctant to fork out $10 for this.

I’m a bit disappointed with this purchase. I think for the price, the quality is not up to standard. It is rather sheer and there’s a risk of revealing everything if I raise my hands up. Mehhh.

Got quite a few compliments when I wore it to work today though. It’s a really nice piece for lazy days but wouldn’t recommend unless you don’t mind the quality.

💸: $10.89
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytjuly11

No complains! Love love it!

💸: $2.07
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytjuly12

Felt like I needed something more glam and formal for special occasions and I found this!

Best part, it was below my budget of $2 😀

Cc. @velvetcakes!

Just saw VGY instastory and it looks like they are launching a similar pair!

Received lots of compliments when I wore it to a wedding lunch!

💸: $1.84
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytjuly13

Yes I’m currently in a craze for pineapple-related item so this is a must-get for me when I saw this.


It’s quite heavy for earrings though! I have 2 ear holes on my right, and 1 on my left. I did a double loop for both sides.

The left earring shook more violently than the right one because there’s only 1 ear hole to ‘stablise’ it.

💸: $1.82
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytjuly17

Bought The Gingham Sweetheart Swimsuit from #OurBraletteClub because I needed a swimsuit that can be seen in public places.

(BOP swimsuit was a little too revealing for me)


It has a great slimming effect! So vintage-looking and cute. The husband loves it too 😬 #obc

Can’t wait to wear this to Boracay! 🌊🌴