Happy Valentine’s Day!

I told the husband that I don’t need flowers since it’s a quiet evening at home.

Lies 😂

It started when I was helping my colleague help her father look for bouquet yesterday.

The more I find, the more I wanted a bouquet too, even though I know it’s exorbitant.

“Flowers or money?”

Hahah I told him give me the money sua.

In the morning when he kissed me goodbye, i still tell him not to get me flowers when I’m still in sleep mode.

Throughout the day, I was telling him I wanted a money bouquet made of blue hydrangeas LOL. $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 everywhere!

Then I randomly sent him an IGstory from a florist who is still selling bouquets for delivery 4-10pm.

Just as I was leaving office at 6pm, I received a call saying I have a delivery.

Well, I had 2 deliveries earlier so I just told the person to leave it there.

Delivery person: errrrr do you know what it is?

Me: nope but it’s okay!

Delivery person: errr. I tell you la. It’s actually a bouquet.

Me: oh!

Delivery person: I’ll leave it here, but just remember to put the bouquet at a cool area when you get it.


So the husband got me bouquet after all!


I made dinner for us today. Actually it’s just like any other days LOL.

His pork chops.

And my slightly over cooked steak.

Made very simple meals. Just salt and pepper (and mixed herbs for his).


It’s our first valentine’s day at #tohtallylokeyhome so it’s extra special too.

And my bouquet! It was between hydrangea and sunflowers and the husband sure knows what I prefer 😀 I’m a sucker for flowers hahaha.

And my Scent by Six fragrance came right on time!

One for the living room and one for the bedroom.

I got 1724 Puka for the living room and Bifei, which is a slightly heavier scent, for the bedroom.

My living room smells so good now!

With my forever valentine!

And we finally wore our matching PJs from Taobao today 😀

My first Chinese homecooked meal

I’m an absolute noob when it comes to Chinese cuisine and I’m always afraid of cooking because I’ve never really tried it before.

Today, I took the first step. Today, I cooked some Chinese food.

Since it’s just the 2 of us, I usually use the electric lunch box to cook our rice. Then I remembered seeing quite a number of dishes you can cook with it in YouTube so I did a quick search!

I decided on steamed tofu with minced pork 😀

For the minced meat!

1 tbsp oyster sauce (I’m using vegetarian because the husband is going vegetarian for CNY soon)
1/2 tsp sugar
A few drops of sesame oil.

Mix everything together!

Place it on top of tofu.
Steam it until the light goes off.

My rice is on the bottom tier heh


Cooked long beans with carrot and corn.

I thought it might end up quite badly because I put a tad too much water, turns out okay!

Our simple meal today!

Sent this photo to my mum and it got her approval!

“Looks nice”



The husband says it’s okay too so I’m happy! 😊

Recipe: Honey Cornflakes Cup

Honey Cornflakes Cup

With CNY just around the corner, my mom has been experimenting with different snacks recipes with our air-fryer. Air-fryer is amazing seriously, it can do a lot of things!

So A and I decided to experiment too, and since he was craving for some honey cornflakes cup, that would be it!

It’s very simple. Only 3 ingredients needed!

Honey Cornflakes Cup

150 grams plain cornflakes
2 tablespoon honey
50 gram unsalted butter
chocolate rice / rainbow sprinkles (optional)

Honey Cornflakes Cup
Honey Cornflakes Cup

Melt the butter and honey in a saucepan until it is fully liquid.

Honey Cornflakes Cup

Put your cornflakes in a big bowl. Crush the cornflakes into smaller pieces.

Honey Cornflakes Cup

Pour the melted mixture of butter and honey into the bowl of cornflakes and stir it properly so that your cornflakes will be coated evenly.

Honey Cornflakes Cup
Honey Cornflakes Cup
Honey Cornflakes Cup

Spoon them into the cups!

Bake them at 150 degrees for about 15 minutes, especially if you like them golden and crispy.

Honey Cornflakes Cup
Honey Cornflakes Cup
Tada! This recipe serves about 70+ mini cups. It’s really simple and fast! We gobbled up the first batch rather quickly so we made another serving.


1. Melt butter and honey over small heat until mixture turned into liquid.
2. Crush the cornflakes into smaller pieces.
3. Add the honey butter mixture into the bowl of cornflakes and stir to ensure cornflakes is coated with the mixture evenly.
4. Spoon the cornflakes into mini baking cups. Add some rainbow sprinkles if you want to!
5. Bake at 150 degrees celcius for 15 minutes, especially if you like your cornflakes to be golden brown and crispy.
6. Wait for the cornflakes to cool before packing ’em.

My parents loved them, A is now a happy boy and I just bought more cornflakes to make 😀 I heard how expensive some places are selling them, like $14 per container.. like whut?! This is definitely wayyyy cheaper to make them at home and it is not time-consuming!

Just reposting an old entry here for my own record!

I got all the ingredients ready but with moving and spring cleaning, I still haven’t got the time to do this T.T

Best intentions

Look at what my in-laws brought us!

Initially I was worried that we don’t have any CNY snack for hosting, now I’m worried we don’t have enough people over to help us finish all these 😂

Here’s a better picture lol. My upper shelf is totally filled omg.

I’m not a snacky person so I usually don’t touch them unless someone took the initiative to open them up. Even then, I won’t be stuffing my face with them.

Also got a new handmade bracelet from A’s godma!

Previously she gave me a rose quartz bead bracelet as a blessing and it broke a couple of weeks back.

They told me this means that the bracelet blocked bad things on my behalf.

Well, I’m not particularly superstitious or anything but okay sure! I mean, it’s good intention from my in-laws and I’m really touched.

So yay to this new bracelet! Smaller and prettier 😀

I’ve heard a lot of horror stories with the in-laws and I’m glad I am fortunate to have wonderful in-laws.

I skipped the whole moving into my in-laws’ place so I guess that’s good.

I got a little upset, like when we have to keep the bright red, celebratory, customary things like a (radish???) plant (which are attracting flies and I don’t have green fingers. I kill cactus), huat kueh, huge traditional rice container which we can’t touch until the 15 days of CNY ends.

Like firstly, items like carrots and pineapple is rotting, and coupled with the plants, it’s heaven for flies.

I can easily kill 5 flies on a normal day.

Then it’s taking up space on my already limited kitchen top.

I would always show my annoyance to the husband. Not a very good wife moment, putting him in a difficult spot.

I know the in-laws have nothing but the best intentions for us and so, I’m gonna try to work around these stuff and patiently wait for 3 March to arrive.

Bye Dayre, Hello WordPress (again)

Well I’m back here, after 7 years.

Seems like this is the best option when Dayre cease to exist come 28 February 2018. I’ll still continue posting on Dayre till the day it dies.

I’m sad that the community that I’ve grown to love will scatter. Some will continue blogging, some might not. Some do it in WordPress, and some in other platforms.

I hope I will continue blogging regularly. Might just copy and paste my old posts here for memories’ sake.

food (or the lack thereof)

The husband usually leave the house earlier than me because it takes him longer to get to the office. He kisses me goodbye, leaves the house, and then I wake up.

My mum once commented “huh you never wake up to make breakfast for him?”

My mum wakes up to do that and sends all of us out of the door. But I can’t lol. I love my sleep too much. Even 1 minute is precious.

But today..

Is the first time we both left for work together!

So it’s deserving of a photo lol.

And I wish for many more days like this!

Living on our own is not easy.

I’ve taken simple things like cleaning the house and having meals prepared for me for granted.

Now, I come home to prepare dinner & clean the house. By the time everything is done, it’s 9pm and I’m like, where did the time go?!

Meanwhile I’m having a little struggle with preparing dinner. Haha. The tough part is deciding what to cook when we have very limited food items at home.

At one point of time, we didn’t even have rice. So here’s what we had so far..

My steak..

And his pork loins.

Pesto pasta with honey baked chicken!

Baked curry rice and salmon.

Only had Japanese rice at home so I just cooked that in my small electric lunchbox, and then threw everything into the oven. Done!

I love my oven. #ivyytkitchenadventure

As you can see.. they are all western food LOL.

I have little, or almost no experience in cooking Chinese cuisine and it scares me. But now that we have rice and some vegetable, I’m going to start trying!

I can do it 💪🏼

first impromptu hosting!

First impromptu hosting at #tohtallylokeyhome!

It was supposed to be a dinner outside but we changed it to our house because my two very good friends popped by with heavy gifts!


With barely anything at home, I rushed to the supermarket to grab some stuff.

So here we are, pasta with mushroom and broccoli, and honey baked chicken! #ivyytkitchenadventure

My first time using the built-in oven and I was reading the manual as I tried. So afraid that the chicken won’t be cooked 😂

I usually have problem gauging how much pasta to cook for one pax, and it’s 4 today 😓I guess the amount was okay for us! We ended the night with ice cream 🍨


I’ve never been so happy about receiving a tool box before HAHAHAHA

And of course, air fryer! 💕💕

So this marks the first proper meal I’ve cooked here, and the first hosting 😀 😀

Can’t wait to stock up the fridge over the weekend, clean all the electrical appliances so I can do a proper cookout!

My problem now is.. I can’t remember where I put all the different stuff 😅😅

#firstworldproblems for new #dayrehomes owners? 😬

ezbuy & house purchase

With all the #ezbuy drama, every small step I take towards my existing purchases is a milestone achieved. #ivyytaobao

Today I achieved two and one is in a limbo.

Milestone 1: the tap

My waterfall tap is here!

It’s been a long wait.

The hubs didn’t like most of the ones selling in Singapore because of the handle. Most of them that we saw so far are mostly joy sticks instead of the classic handle.

It’s packed very nicely in in a box, with a protective layer over the tap. 👍🏻👍🏻

💻: bit.ly/ivyytdec16
💸: $56


Also bought these bag clips/holders.

Would be very usual for our upcoming Bangkok trip!

💻: bit.ly/ivyytdec17
💸: $1.10

Well. Now that 1 hurdle is over, 2 more to go.

Milestone 2: the chair


Bought 6 items for this purchase. Because of dayre’s crop, the missing item is a blinds cleaner.

So.. most of my items are ready for shipment for the longest time but my dining chairs and bidet spray was stuck at “purchasing orders” for 16 days.

How is it so difficult to click the buy button?!

So they finally purchased my bidet spray but not the chairs 😑

Chased the CSO everyday, if I can, without getting disconnected and finally the status changed after yet another chat.

The CSO also mentioned that he would split my shipment and send those that are ready out.

Those that are ready for shipment:

dehub x2
diatomite mat x2
blinds cleaner
clothes pole

shipping to destination now:

clothes pole


Okay. At least something moved so I’m not complaining!

Limbo: bathroom mirror storage

Also bought this from #ezbuy and was so excited about it. I’ve seen a few #dayrehomes posts on this too but I guess I wasn’t as lucky as them.

Came in 1 crate. I should have suspected by then. But no, my alarms wasn’t raised until we opened the crate 1 week later.

Only my sink and the cupboard.


Wrote an email to ezbuy and due to the 11.11 drama, I got my first reply 10 days later.

After all the confirmation, this is what I got from them.

I really like the storage mirror?!?!


And okay la, they are quite nice in providing alternative solutions. BUT. Why like thattttt.

So I had 3 options.

1. Get the refund
2. Take the mirror and risk damages
3. Go #taobao and find the same thing and buy the mirror storage and tompang my current EK Link parcel.

We decided to take it from ezbuy. I’ve replied and now, no acknowledgement after 3 days 😑

My neighbour organized a Yale digital lock groupbuy and we couldn’t make it. The price ends end-Dec so we went down to the showroom to take a look!

Eyeing the one on the left YMF-40.

The functions are pretty cool and the price is too!

Still deciding whether to get it or not because it’s rather pricey, and it’s a want, not a need.

I occasionally forget to bring keys out and I either camp at the door or get my parents’ key. A was casually saying that we should get it if it repeats again.

We went home and I really didn’t bring my keys out.



Thank god my mum was home.

Anddddd our kitchenaid is delivered today!



12.12 | Reno updates

 Some reno updates!

Went to the house over the weekend and glad to see some progress, albeit a little slower. #tohtallylokeyhome #dayrehomes #ivyytaobao

// day 26 //

House clear of debris and rubbish.

Aircon up!

My aircon is done by my mum’s good friend’s husband. Uncle knew that painting was done so he coordinated with my ID for the installation.

He will be making another trip down when the house is done to deliver the remote controls. He didn’t want to leave it in the house because he was afraid that it might get misplaced. 👍🏻

I really love our paint colour a lot.

It’s Genteel from Nippon for the generic areas.

See the copper piping?

Yeps, City Gas came to install the pipes!

Got a bit of a scare because my neighbours reported that the earliest installation from City Gas is after Christmas already.

Gan chiong and texted my ID. Told me appointment was all set up. Phew.

So people, make sure you get City Gas early to prevent any delays!


It’s Blue Jumper for the rooms, recommended by my ID. He really has an eye for such things. One thing I really like about him is how he tries to improvise with our suggestions and combine both our wants.

Nothing much has been done to the toilet but I just love how it looks!

Just realized that we have to close the window when someone is using the toilet because anybody who’s walking on the corridor one level above will be able to look in.

My mooncake lol.

Don’t know why it’s called the mooncake. My ID refers to this as one and he said they all use this term lol.


It’s 12.12 today and there’s sales everywhere!

Wanted to cart out a dress from LB since it’s only $22 but the moment I tried to add it into the cart, it’s OOS 😫

Saved some money there.

Wanted to get from Ohvola too but no sizes too. Money saved.

Tried to camp for Xiaomi surprise box at Lazada and it was OOS when I was at the payment page 😑

No fate.

Balmain warehouse sales start today and I’ve seen so many posts on Dayre. Feeling gan chiong now because i wanted to buy mattress protector, 1 more set of bedsheets, pillow and bolster. Would there still be anything left on Saturday? 😰

But I still spend $400.

On #taobao. For the house 😅

#Ezbuy says they are getting back to normal but I call BS on that.

Had a Prime purchase on 5 December and out of 6 items. 2 are still stuck at “Purchasing Order”. I don’t think you need 1 week to click the “buy” button.

Took more than 2 weeks to reply my email too. Now that I have a reply, I’m hoping it could be expedited.

Decided to use EK Link this time round. His reviews are good on various taobao FB groups.

Talked to him in WeChat and he got my account set up within 10 minutes. He is very responsive too! 👍🏻

1cbm for 500rmb so we whacked the items.

It’s my first time using EK Link so I’ll post up a proper review and guide after I received my items okay!

No links for now. Will review and share the link when I received them!

60 pegs for 12.80RMB is a steal omg.

Necessity for laundry.

I bought 240 hangers for the new house. 😅

Essential item!

For the upcoming gatherings.

I think it’s quite cheap! 50 plates for like..16RMB?

For undergarments and socks!

Boomjoy broom set. Can rotate 180 degrees leh!

1.8m study table!

It was so difficult finding such a long one. Most sellers stop at 1.6m.

Wanted a big one so both of us can work on the same table, and to put printer etc.

we got 2 of these for the study room 😅😅

It’s about.. $80 plus for both.

Coffee table! Something small because we don’t have the luxury of space. Anyway we can keep pull the smaller one out as and when we like it so no problem for now!

3 stools!

1 for my dresser and 2 other for the living room. So cute and it’s only $6 for 1.

Best thing about this is that the cover is removable! So it makes washing really easy 👍🏻

Because my Totoro umbrella died on me 😭 got the one in light blue :

It’s available in both automatic and the good old manual opening. 10rmb difference!

Shower curtain for the common toilet. It’s just so cute!

It’s just so cute. Even comes with the scoop.


Bought both! The colours are lovely. Bright enough to remind us to do laundry lol

Thanks to the 12.12 discounts, I’ve saved about..$10 lol. Better than nothing right? I paid up last night and as of this evening, less than 24 hours after payment, 11 out of 14 items were already sent out!

Can’t wait to receive them 😬🤞🏼


Lunch and dinner today!

Something simple yet filling and makes me happy 😊

– butterhead lettuce
– tomatoes
– hard boiled egg
– ham
– pasta
– chickpeas
– button mushroom


New cover photo and effect for our Between app.

So apt because we need moolahhhhhh. 💰💰

Our ID sent us a schedule!

If everything goes well without delay, he would be giving us the biggest Christmas present in my life!


Let’s see how it goes!

Excited because he’s so much more responsive now and pretty on the ball!

Gave him my aircon guy contact and an appointment was set up within the next 2 hours!


– Renovation permit approved
– Screeding will take place tomorrow!
– Aircon trunking discussion on 9th.
– Aircon trunking installation on 15th
– Renovation starts 15th!

Right now, our shopping is almost almost done.

✅ hood
✅ Hob
✅ Washing machine
✅ Dryer
✅ Fridge
✅ Oven
✅ Kitchen sink
✅ Vanity cabinet
✅ Mattress
✅ MBR fan
✅ bathroom accessories
✅ dining table + bench
✅ water heater
✅ Rainshower set

❌ divan bedframe
❌ dining chairs
❌ tv
❌ ceiling fan
❌ MBR bathroom sink
❌ sofa
❌ lights
❌ switches

Trying to think if I’ve missed out anything 😂

#tohtallylokeyhome #dayrehomes

My mum said something very weird the other day.

“Since the wedding is next September, you can buy your sofa all those in June right? So that when the wedding comes, your house still looks new.”


1. We won’t be going to the new house AT ALL during the wedding.

2. I’m going to start moving in when renovation is done.

3. Even if we move in in January, I think my house would still look pretty new come September!

Sometimes she just doesn’t make any sense.

My November SP bill just came in the app. LOL. I can’t possibly leave the house empty until our customary wedding is over right?!

Besides, I can’t wait to move in with the husband. This weekend thing is hard. It’s the same as per our dating days but it’s harder now that we’re married. I’m stickier to him now 😕 Can’t wait for the LDR SG version to end. #dayrewives

Just realise I haven’t shared my loots.

Very small haul for myself. Have been on #taobao and #ezbuy regularly but this time round it’s for the house. So excited looking at kitchenware, storage containers, decor and what not LOL. #ivyytaobao

Yes me and my pineapple craze.

I was a bit disappointed that this is a soft case. I thought it was a hard one. Glossy back also means you can see fingerprints and all. But in the end I quite like this case! A mix of marble and pineapple 😀

💻: http://bit.ly/ivyytnov1
💸: $2.70


Bought this one again because I really like this and the old one was tainted with my purple hair dye lol. I bought it together with the other 2 but it’s not available from the shop anymore, so the link below👇🏼 is from Aliexpress, where I bought the first case from.

💸: $2.72
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytjuly9


Been eyeing this for a while and I finally decided to get it.

It’s a hard case and I like how it protects the side buttons as well!

💻: http://bit.ly/ivyytnov2
💸: $1.90