words of wisdom | Taobao/ Aliexpress hauls

Work was really horrible today. Started on a bad note when I reached my desk to find several stuff missing. I have some sample shirts which were meant for staff to try and I only have ONE set. I found S – L missing. Like, these are the most generic sizes. I had to apologise to those who came by but couldn’t try.

I was furious. Whoever took it didn’t even have the decency to leave me a note. Taking without permission is akin to stealing okay. I had to put out a company-wide notice, requesting for the shirts to be returned.

They came back, but the person who took it didn’t seem to have any remorse or look apologetic. _$)(#*)&%)@#@#

Met a lot of self-entitled, self-righteous people today. The words they use, oh my, I can’t even. It’s your choice to not check your email, so why blame me? This is why I cannot be in service industry. @gissysux prolly was indifferent to me cursing in the office already.

The day ended on a good note though. @gissysux and I managed to finish one big task even though we stayed till 8pm.

I met a nice Grab driver. He got a phone call during the ride.

Driver *speaking sweetly*: working ah. Working hard for you. I promise to give you a better life ma.
Driver: ok la, you work finish already faster go home okay? I’ll see you back home.

Awwww. I feel like a third wheel already! We started talking and with pride, he showed me a photo of his two young daughters, about 5-6 years old.

(They are my babies. I’m working hard to save money now, to send them to England for studies)

”uncle 相信,只要有心去做工,不管做什么工,都能成功的”
(Uncle believes, as long as you have the heart to work, no matter what kind of work you do, you will succeed)

Thank you uncle, for your words of wisdom. 😊

The night got better because I received presents.. from myself!

Remember I tried #Aliexpress for the first time? @ivyyt:100717

So I bought some cases and it was stated that item will be delivered within 18 – 38 days. Wasn’t expecting high hopes but I got a surprise in the mailbox today.

A small parcel was waiting for me inside and I kinda knew it’s the cases since I don’t have anything coming from China, but the parcel was really small and compact!

Anyway, it took only 9 days!

I first saw them on #taobao but they weren’t in prime. Didn’t want to waste my wishlist on them so I went to Aliexpress!

The watermelon case was a little dirty but I’ll make do with it. It will become dirty the moment I start using it too.

Can’t wait to use the pineapple one for my beach vacay 😬✌🏼

💸: $2.72
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytjuly9 (fruits)

💸: $3.40
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytjuly10

My parents bought stuff from Taobao direct and I tompang this customized item..

I’ve been eyeing this even before we got married! This has been in my bookmark for at least a year odd already? I first saw it in Dayre when someone shared it. Thought it would be a nice angbao packet to have since we’re mostly attending weddings together already.

I was a bit apprehensive because of her ratings. I usually get crowns and above and she only has hearts. But I decided to try my luck la.

Chatted with the seller and she gave us several choices. I was amazed by her speed! I started chatting with her at 10+ in the morning and she mailed it out in the later part of the afternoon.

It’s so pretty! The quality is good too. The paper is really hard, not like the normal flimsy angbao from NTUC or something.

Bought 50pcs to test it out and I’m impressed. Gonna buy more when our AD is nearing 😀

Makes a good item for #dayrebrides or #dayrewives to have 😀 #ivyytaobao

💸: $18.80 (50 pcs)
🖥: bit.ly/ivyytjuly8

Changed my phone case to reflect my mood.


VG | Hitcheed | MUA | Ezbuy/taobao/aliexpress

Hello free agent fee!

But I got nothing to buy leh ☹️

For those who wants to avoid the credit card 3% processing fee (I know they disabled it for now)

Or you just wanna earn credits, download Fuzzie and use my code ok!

Basically Fuzzie sells gift cards and you can buy #ezbuy’s or #taobao gift cards in dominations of $50 or $100.

Sign up with my code and we both earn $5 just like that 😀

Started Monday on a bad note.

Hello huge ass pimple. Used the Corsx pimple patch for the past 2 nights and it didn’t work. Back to differin for today and the rest of the days. Hopefully it will work.

Or if anyone has a solution, please let me know!

People notice my pimple first then me ☹️

What happened after reading @thegirlwhogrowls’s post on Aliexpress yesterday 🙊

I’ve been eyeing some watermelon and pineapple cases since forever and there nothing nice in ezbuy’s prime. Didn’t want to buy direct from taobao cos I know I won’t hit 1kg so this came at a great time.

Got both the watermelon and pineapple 😀

And this one just so I can hit USD5 so I can use my USD2 off voucher 😀

Total cost: SGD$6 for 3 cases.

Not too bad la. Same price if I were to get from taobao/ezbuy. I usually limit myself to $2 for a case 😬

Speaking of cases, used a brand new one today! Made my Monday a little better 😀

Bought it a while back and finally using it now! #ivyytaobao

🖥: bit.ly/clouddd

Reminded me of Yunyun from Momentold.

Speaking of which..

We signed our AD VG!

We met up with the Momentold couple – Yunyun and Melvin – last week and even though it was our first meet-up, it wasn’t awkward at all!

It was a pleasant session where we got to know each other a little bit more. We chatted for more than an hour without realizing!

Told them we will consider, but we were pretty set on them. Discussed with the husband & actually, we didn’t need to discuss much la.

We like their style, we like the price, more importantly, we like the couple & there’s chemistry.

Texted Yunyun the next day to tell her to inform the rest of the couples on the same day that they will not be available on that day 😬

We are considering taking up pre-wedding video to replace the childhood montage. Additional cost but still much more affordable than other VGs. Hopefully the husband will say yes. Anyway, this can be decided much later too. Most important thing is to lock down the VG on our date 😀

#dayrebrides #tohtallylokey

Cash rebates from Hitcheed!

Momentold were also recommended by Hitcheed and I got $100 cash rebate from them!

So I filled up the form for VG. Someone from Hitcheed called me to find out more about what we need. He asked if there’s any vendors that I’ve considered and I said AM, so he included AM in his list. It’s quite personalized and feel free to let the Hitcheed person know your style and budget. He gave us 5 recommendations, with the promo code for cash rebates.

This was the message I got from Hitcheed after our first phone call!

Hitcheed checked in with us every now and then.

After making our decision, we entered the promo code and I got an email shortly. From the email to the cash rebates, it was within minutes! I was very impressed by the speed!

So if you’re looking for any vendors and they are in Hitcheed, I’d recommend using them!

It’s not a sponsored post ah. We are all trying to save some money right? 😬

So I also found out from my coordinator that my assigned MUA is Shino!

Anybody has any reviews on her?

I looked through her portfolio and I really like all the intricate hairstyles she has done for her brides. Dear hair, please grow faster and longer!

Initially my plan was to let my mum use my MUA included in the Bridal package, and I’ll get a separate one outside.

After looking through the costs, it would easily cost about $1000 if I were to get one for the whole day for myself.

For Shino, I’d have to pay $300 for 2nd march-in, $25 + $15 for ampoules and fake eyelashes, and morning surcharge (if any)

Makes more economical sense to keep her for myself and get one for my mum right?


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✅ MUA (I think..)