my CNY!

Happy CNY! 🍊🍊

It’s Day 4 and I dragged myself back to work today.

The CNY weekend has been wonderful, though it felt a bit weird because it’s truly the last year of taking angbaos.

And because of that, my mum wanted me to stay the night at their place.

Bittersweet I guess?

Day 1 started with us 拜年-ing to my parents, and then we took our usual family photo!

Yes with our terrapin too!

It’s a bit sad to know this is the last year I’ll do this as the first thing to start off our CNY day 1.




Let’s rewind a bit to the night before. Our reunion dinner is crazy because everybody comes together every single year.

We have like 4 steamboat/bbq pots!

This year was a little bit more crowded because my cousin and her small family came back from Korea, and my aunt’s family joined in too!

This is what you get when you have bulking male cousins hahaha

One half…

And the other half!

I wouldn’t trade this night for anything else.

I hope this is one constant that will never change!

My MIL knows that our big reunion is on 除夕 itself and I’m very appreciative that she lets us have an early dinner with them so we wouldn’t miss this one.

And my #ootd for day 1 – Olivia ruffles dress from #Ohvola!

The hubs came for my day 1 part 2!

And we went back home together 😀

Day 2 was spent with his side of the house, and then to his army’s friend’s place before heading to my uncle’s house.

CNY is truly the biggest holiday in my family. Even though we see each other on day 1, we will not rest until we visit every single house.

And another round of yusheng! This was my.. 4th one already?


Another gambling sesh at night with the clique!

Taught 2 caucasians how to play mahjong. A bit challenging for them because they can’t read Chinese so apart from 东南西北🀄️白板发财,they also can’t read the 万子series.

It was fun though! I won $4 in total 😂😂

So that marks the end of the CNY weekend for me. It was back to work today 😩

My family went to River Hongbao and they didn’t tell me 😭😭

I’m still a bit upset 😦

Is this how it will be like? That I will no longer be joining them as much as before? This transition is really no fun 😭