taobao hauls, home edition part 3

I’ve waited for this for freaking long. It took the sea shipment and then it got delayed for another 10 days from the estimated delivery. I have to say this is super worth it! I LOVE MY LIVING ROOM NOW. We were on the hunt for a carpet to match our geometric wall and this. is. perfect! #dayrehomesJust the dish rack alone is not enough to air all the kitchenware so I got this one!Been a while since my last post. Workload has died down a bit, which is good because I finally have time to breathe!

This means going home slightly later or on time, which means I have time to cook and bake!

I’ve finally used my Kitchenaid! And I love love love it so much! The difference between my cakes before the kitchenaid came into our lives and now is so drastically different!

I’ll keep that for another post.

Gonna continue on my #taobao haul as promised!

I still have quite a lot of stuff coming from #ezbuy. Gosh they are soooo slow. But I guess I shouldn’t complain because it’s a trade off. Waiting time vs shipping fee.

Anyway. Here’s my #taobao haul, home edition part 3.

Dish rack

Just the dish rack alone is not enough to air all the kitchenware so I got this one!

💸: $3

Hanger Holder

I put this above my dryer!

💸: $2

Pants Hanger

💸: $4.80

Lock and Lock

My favourite buy of the day. I got it during one of their sales period so it was slightly cheaper than the normal price. So much cheaper compared to getting it locally?! 7 piece set leh!

💸: $23.70

Lock and Lock (interlock)

Also got it during the sale! 10 piece set, damn worth it!

💸: $20

Wooden Alphabets

For decoration purposes lol. I’m thinking of painting them but can’t decide on what colour yet!

💸: $0.20 (but there’s domestic shipping of $1!)


Comes in various designs and colours! It’s really comfy 😀

💸: $20.70 for the couple set


I’ve waited for this for freaking long. It took the sea shipment and then it got delayed for another 10 days from the estimated delivery. I have to say this is super worth it! I LOVE MY LIVING ROOM NOW. We were on the hunt for a carpet to match our geometric wall and this. is. perfect!

The seller has really pretty carpets! It was so difficult to narrow down to 1. I think I shortlisted 5 and then got the husband to choose.

💸: $82



Still Alive.

Hi guys.

Yes I’m still alive. Radio silence since February and I’m finally back. And good to see that Dayre is still alive, although there are lesser and lesser new posts =/

Work was absolutely crazy, but we survived. 2 whole weeks of OT till 10-11pm is really no joke. It sucks the soul outta you. I had so many sleepless nights. But despite the hiccups and stress, I love my team, I love my colleagues. We were there for each other, we encouraged each other, we helped one another even though we were dying ourselves. They make the tough times better.

The big event is over, and it was worth it when the video we created was played on the big screen, and we received compliments on the work done. Boss is requesting for a day off in lieu for us and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it!

Another half day work this Saturday which will translate into another off day! Saving all my leaves for the wedding, and our honeymoon (hopefully). I have accumulated.. 31 days for this year so far.

We have also hosted 2 rounds of housewarming for our families and friends. Glad that that’s done! It was really tiring hahaha.

For our families, we ordered our buffet from Good Luck Kitchen and the food was good! No pictures because I was too busy hosting to even snap anything.

For our friends, we ordered nasi lemak from Aliff Nasi Lemak from Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. Why there? We had it at one of our friend’s place and the nasi lemak was soooo good, we decided to keep this contact for our own housewarming.

We ordered Set A x 30, 30 otahs, 15 extra chicken wings, and it all adds up to $160. The rice was super coconuty (YUMS), and the chilli. Oh it’s to die for.

The auntie was very kind! She didn’t collect any deposit from us and she also lent us her rice tub. The rice was still very warm 12 hours later. Happy to say that everybody loved it! The portions are big, so order slightly lesser than your anticipated number.

We got so many bottles of wine, that one might think we are alcoholics 😂😂

I was over the moon when our guests said that our house is very cosy. That was how I designed the house to be. Ultimately, it’s a place that we come home to everyday and I wanted it to be welcoming, cosy, filled with warmth and love. For outsiders to even feel that way, I’ve achieved my goal! 😊

Love coming home to this. 💕

Our ID brought his potential clients over for a tour, and also signed off on our handover at the same time. A few more minor defects to fix and we are really done! He gave us a very nice surprise – we got some money back because we paid too much hahaha. For the amount that we paid for, and the quality of the work done, I gotta say it is quite affordable. #dayrehomes #tohtallylokeyhome

Signing with Dan was the best decision we made for our renovation, even though he drives me up the wall with his slow and very sporadic WhatsApp replies.

taobao hauls, home edition part 2

Finally mid-week! Omg I’m dying and this stress is gonna continue until at least mid-March. And it’s still February! 😭

The only consolation was that I went back to my parent’s place and had dinner by mum 😀

Maybe it’s the stress, maybe it’s just me, but I felt so overwhelmed, I started tearing while having dinner. I really really miss home though. Home where I can behave as a kid, and not an adult, where I go home to a warm nice meal waiting for me, where I don’t have to do housework, where my parents check on me before they sleep. Didn’t manage to see my parents because I had to rush for my #ezbuy delivery.

It’s okay I guess! I saw them on Saturday and they are coming over to my place this weekend!

Speaking of ezbuy, it’s been a while since I did my reviews so here goes!

Wooden mats coasters

Because it’s just too pretty. The entire set comes together. So 1 stand + 6 coasters. There’s many other designs to choose from as well.

💸: $6

Silicon mat coasters

The cork ones will not last forever, but the silicon ones will last longer! It comes in a pack of 6. Brought some to the office so I won’t have to risk hurting my hands when I use the microwave.

💸: $6 (1 for $1)

Storage Rack

This rack organiser is very handy when you have bigger cabinets such as the one under the sink. More space to put stuff. I also have one at the dry cabinet to stack my containers.

💸: $6.30

Alphabet Feltboard

It’s like an Instagram must-have! Bought one from Deko.Deco during their Black Friday sale and back then, I couldn’t find this on TB. Now, I see quite a number of listings and at a fraction of the price too!

The entire package comes with 2 sets of alphabets, the board, and a pouch. This board has a stand at the back!

💸: $10.60

Ceramic plates

Got these ceramic plates not for the kitchen, but to arrange my vanity drawer 😀 The plus point is that I can use it as a plate if I want to I guess! It’s also safe for oven hahaha. The colour matches my TV wall though!

Using the plates as my drawer organizer!

💸: $5.90 (big), $3.90 (small)

Rice Dispenser

I like this type because the rice comes from the bottom. So when I pour in a new bag of rice, I’ll be using up the older ones before the new pack! So for this one, when you push the lever down, the rice tray is locked. The only way to pull the tray out is to push the lever up again. 👍🏼

It’s available in OG but definitely much more expensive. 6kg is a nice size for the two of us 🙂

💸: $15

Sink strainer/stopper

I use this in the toilet and for the kitchen sink.

So much easier to remove hair or food waste from the toilet/kitchen sink. But take note that this 12cm one is slightly bigger for the drains in the toilet. I think a 10cm one would actually fit it.

💸: $0.50

I use the disposable ones too but it seems a bit wasteful. Still sitting on the fence for this 2!

Rice Washing Bowl and Washing Bowl Set

Rice washing bowl:

This is pretty much self-explanatory yes? Haha.

💸: $1.40

Washing bowl set:

It comes in a set! The leftover water can be used to water plants. So convenient!

💸: $4

Storage baskets

Used these baskets to store almost everything. From my canned food, to cleaning items to craft items. Bought 10 and it’s not enough! Carted out another 10 😀

💸: $1.40

That’s the end for today! Part 3 coming soon, once I take photos 😀

DIY Jar Label

Over the weekend, the husband was out to visit his secondary school teacher so I stayed home, did some housework and had the whole house to myself!

I think it’s good to have some me-time even when we are living together. Hubs and I have different taste in shows so I got to catch up on my shows (hello The Amazing Race and Black Mirror!)

Still in the midst of arranging the stuff in the kitchen cabinet but I’m more or less there.

I also got to do a bit of #DIY!

Found this on a arohammer’s post and decided to try it. It’s really simple and can be done in 15 minutes! #dayrehomes

First, print the labels that you want!

I just did a simple one via Microsoft word.

Then, use a clear tape and tape over it.

I didn’t have a big enough clear tape so I used scotch tape and overlap them.

Do remember to overlap them if 1 later is not enough because if there’s no overlapping, they will come out in the next step!

Soak them in water.

And the rub the paper away. It should come off rather easily.

And just stick them on!

People often get confused which doorbell to press so I did this HAHAHA

The bottom one is the original from HDB but we bought a wireless doorbell instead.


Don’t have to worry about the stickiness of the tape. It will still stick on!

As simple as that!

Btw, vinegar mixture (1 part vinegar, 1 part water) is damn good for every single kind of cleaning in the house. Super love it!

vegetable soup | flowers

Another attempt at #ivyytkitchenadventure yesterday!

Pretty easy to guess what my dish was yea? #dayrecooks

Chopped all the vegetables up!

Sweet corn

My mum gave us these to make some soup!

Start by boiling 3.5 bowls of water in med-high heat.

My mum said if it’s just the 2 of us, 2 bowls will do. But.. there’s barely enough water in the pot to cook the vegetables so I added more.

Once the water boils, throw all the vegetables in. When it starts boiling again, change to low heat and let it simmer. Depends on how soft you want your vegetables to be. I let it simmer for 30 min because I like the vegetables very soft.

Threw in some vegetarian meatballs and dumplings.

I cheated by adding a little mushroom seasoning and 大菜头 because I was worried the soup will be tasteless.

It was very sweet indeed 😀 oh and a little too much for 2 pax. I have a bowl left over which will be my dinner for tonight.

It’s a very simple dish, but an achievement for me.

I’m very very scared to attempt Chinese food because I’ve never done it before. If I fail, it means either there’s no dinner, or it’s just very 难吃. Which I’m fine with, if I’m alone. But now there’s the hubs so ya.

Every small step means one step forward, more dishes learnt.

Very happy that I have a kitchen to call my own! Gradually conquering my fear of cooking (Chinese food) haha.

Got these beauties today!

Always wanted some flowers to brighten up the house.

And some thistles.

I picked the main flowers from my solemnisation bouquet.

Still loving this 2 choices!

My end product! For the dining table.

Plenty of thistles left so took some random jar and put a ribbon on. It’s on my coffee table!

taobao hauls, home edition part 1

//Copied from #Dayre//

We have moved in for a week already! It feels like I’m on a very expensive staycation minus the cleaning service and room service. 😂 I’m beginning to understand my mother’s behavior and as much as I try not to be like her, I’m seeing her shadows in myself. #tohtallylokeyhome

Anyway, it’s time for my overdue home edition, #taobao hauls. I know some people have been waiting and I probably would have delayed this if not for the reminders 😅 #dayrehomes

First and foremost, I know i’m going to be buying a lot of things and back then, #ezbuy had the whole taobao drama (and they are slowpokes) so I decided to try other forwarders.


Came to know about this forwarder through the Taobao FB groups. I didn’t do much comparison in prices because most of them are around the same. 1cbm = 500rmb Their FB group: EK LINK TAOBAO SHIPPING

I started by chatting with their POC, Elvis, on WeChat. His WeChat ID: Lam742288. You can also ALWW them (新马代运)I told him I wanted to create an account. He asked for my details and the next thing I knew, I got an email from him. In it was an excel sheet, which you have to fill it up with:

1. your item name
2. quantity
3. price of item
4. domestic shipping company
5. tracking number

They will give you an address to ship to. I happily buy my items from taobao direct and just fill up the form as and when I get the tracking details.

When everything is in, he will let me know the total volumetric weight in WeChat and I will transfer him the amount via DBS Remit. The rates are surprisingly good!

Volumetric weight = L x W x H / 6000

What I do is I will ask the seller what’s the dimensions of the item/package so that I will get a rough estimation of the weight.

Once shipping fee is paid, it takes about 10-12days for the shipment to reach my doorstep! The local courier called me to make arrangements for the delivery when it reached Singapore.

I’ve got quite a bit of items, so bear with me!

Bidet Spray

I didn’t realise how expensive these are until we were buying them!

Got the ones in 1.5m!

💸: $5

Laundry netting

Essential item! Bought 2 sets (big, medium, small, undergarments)

💸: $4

Undergarment storage box

Two set for the hubs and I. For me, it was 1 box for my bras, 1 box for bralettes and the last one for my underwear. The husband only use 1 box so the remaining 2 boxes were used to keep our socks.

💸: $5

Disposable cutlery

Because a new house = hosting = parties = guests = not enough plates.

I got everything from 1 shop and it was very affordable.

200 plates (2 sizes), 90 chopsticks, 100 cups, 100 spoons, 100 forks for.. $14.


Boomjoy Mop

One of my happiest purchase. It saves water, and easy to use! It’s a little heavy though! The cloth is washable and I got more of the cloth just in case. The husband’s Godpa saw this and asked us to buy one for him haha. We got the P8!

💸: $25


Got a mixture of big and small pegs. More of small pegs because it we will use hangers more than the poles. Small pegs comes in pack of 60 (!!!!) Bought one pack for my mum too and she was so delighted lol.

💸: $2.50

Got 30 big pegs and I think we still don’t use so many of it yet.. It was 3.80rmb for 1 pack of 10, less than a dollar!

💸: $0.80


Got this two sets of chopsticks. Well, I got the wooden one first but the husband likes metal ones so I got the metal set.Then my in-laws came with another set of wooden chopsticks. They said it’s something they have to give us so my set of wooden chopsticks is sitting in the store room now heh.


💸: $3.50


💸: $3

Cup Holder

Fits the colour theme perfectly! I think getting the one with a plate below (to hold water) would be better though.

💸: $6.50

Knife Holder

Slots for knife and cutting board, I like!

💸: $8


Since I’m going by volumetric weight, might as well get a whole lot right?I had fun with this. I got 240 hangers in 4 different colours 😀

💸: $38

Shower curtains

The ones in TB are so cute and there is the option of getting them with or without the pole. We got our pole from Ikea already so no pole = cheaper!

💸: $3

Rainshower Set

Think I’ve mentioned this before! Now that we’ve moved in, I’m finally able to try this out. Glad to say that it’s pretty good and I always feel like I’m in a hotel toilet 😀

💸: $89

Vanity Cabinet

Had a lot of drama with Ezbuy for this one and the entire set finally went up like 1 week before we moved in. Pretty good for our common toilet!The Ezbuy link is OOS so I found something similar from TB. I felt a little cheated because the colour is the photo is light and the set I received was so much darker.

💸: $296

Waterfall tap

Haha this is something that the husband wanted. The ones that we found in SG are all joystick style and he didn’t like it. This is perfect!

💸: $63

Laundry bags

Placed one outside our MBR toilet, and one at the service yard. Should have bought something that is not cloth, or has a stand so that I won’t have to be afraid of it getting wet. But there’s no space in the toilet for this lah.

🖥 :
💸: $1.60


I love this so much. I think I first saw it in thepacartans’ posts and she raved about how good Dehub was. That was when I decided that my bathroom accessories are not going to be drilled in. When I was shopping for Dehub stuff, I realised my mum had one of dehub’s kitchen towel holder!

I bought from many places, and many different links so I can’t consolidate them all, but just google “dehub” in Ezbuy or taobao and you can get a lot of hits.

Kitchen hooks.It doesn’t really stick on my Japanese tiles because it’s a bit rough, so i stuck it on the laminate.

Just don’t stick it on painted walls!

Towel hanger and a holder for my window cleaner.

This one is quite big. I bought 2 but looks like 1 will serve as an extra when this breaks or something lol

For the MBR toilet.

Toilet roll holder and toothbrush holder.

Sponge holder.

These are just a few of the many I bought 😬

Swivel chairs

There’s two different kinds! The hubs has the one with the leg rest, which isn’t really useful for tall people. Feels like it’s gonna give way anytime, so you’re better off getting the one without. It’s $10 more expensive for the leg rest. I got the normal chair and it’s okay so far.The chair comes with a back massager! More of a vibrating back rest than a massager actually lol. It comes with a USB cable.

💸: $43 (without leg rest)

Study table

Got a 1.8m study table so both of us can work at the same time! It’s the perfect length for us though I wish it can be a bittttt longer. =X It’s not easy finding a 1.8m table actually. Most of the designs stop at 1.6m. The quality is surprisingly good. There was only a very slightly damage at the corner of the table but given that it’s taobao, I have no complaints.

💸: $85

Dining chairs

Had a hard time searching for dining chairs which will go with our table and bench. Finally found something that is not too expensive and looks okay! Removable cover as well. Yes my sofa, stool and dining chairs all have removable covers. One of the main criteria when I hunt for my chairs. Ikea has a similar chair selling at $90. The husband said that the parts look really similar lol.

💸: $30

Coffee table

We were warned by many others not to get a big coffee table. Nothing caught our eye in SG so the husband went online to search and found this. When we don’t want it to be in the middle, we just ‘combine’ them together and shift it to the side. The legs were a bit dented but it’s taobao. Oh well. Pretty heavy too.

💸: $75


I love these stools! I made sure to find the ones with removable cover so if anything happens, at least I can just wash the covers! I’ve got 3 of these, and we’ve already seen its usefulness when we got guests over. Also a good stool for wearing shoes 😀

💸: $5.60

Clothes rack

One of the best buys ever. This is in the spare room where I iron my clothes. So after ironing, I will just hang all of them here and then roll it into the MBR to put it into cabinet. So convenient and pretty! Got the one with the ladder to hang pants, and the ‘antlers’ to hang belts etc.

💸: $33.50

Customised tote bags

Got these customised for my colleagues as Christmas presents. I love what I came up with. They are so apt, and they are great conversation starters hahahah

💸: $4

Customised aprons

I went on a customising spree LOL got one each for both of us, in different colours. There’s also different sizes to choose from too!

An additional 10RMB for customisation, which is $2? Okay lah.

💸: $5 (without customisation)

Customised coasters

I’ve previously bought from this seller for work and went back to him a second time for our house. Sent him my design and requested for a draft before printing.I’m very amazed by how fast they get the job done. It was also sent out the very next day.

💸: $0.70

Customised signage

A friend once sent me a photo of a signage and I really loved it. Kept it for the longest time and couldn’t find it on taobao. So while searching for wedding stuff, I found this listing which sells customised names. Decided to try my luck and ask if she can customise according to the photo and she said yes!Got the one in 40cm and requested for it to be sprayed gold.

It was very very fast. I made the payment and in a couple of hours time, she got the draft back to me. The very same day, the signage was done. She sent it out the next day.Told her it was going to be sent to SG and she protected it in thick styrofoam. Would totally go back to her for any customised signs in the future 😀

Received so many compliments on this!

💸: $34


That’s it for today! Oh wow it’s a very long post.

Got a taobao package today so I guess part 2 soon? 😀

mix and match

Almost midweek!

Can’t wait for the weekends already 😪

I have like 10,000 thoughts in my head now and I’m gonna try organizing them..

Did my touch-up with Ice over the weekend and I was very surprised my colleague noticed something different about my brows! 👍🏼 #dayrebeauty

Embroidery entry here: @ivyyt:170617

There was a customer before me so she applied numbing cream for me while she finish her work with the lady. All was done within an hour.

She’s gonna pop in December and she mentioned that she will update her IG (@browart_by_ice) when she’s gonna resume her business.

Got my second pair of specs from Foptics! I mentioned I was eyeing Lit in Gunmetal before (@ivyyt:310717) and I stuck with it heh.

In a state of confusion because when I bought my contact lens, I did another round of eye test and it was almost 100 degree difference from my Owndays degree. Now, it seems like the results from the latest eye test is wrong because the left side was blur. Sigh pie. I think I need to go for a 3rd eye test.

Nevertheless, very satisfied with my choice. Received comments that I look like a student now 😂 can’t wait to get the degree sorted out so I can wear this out more often.

I used to think people who have eyesight problems but change specs everyday are mad. I’d understand if it’s a degree-less specs; it doesn’t cost as much. But now that specs are so affordable, I can kinda understand why already.

Different specs, different look and feel. On days I wanna look serious, I go for this specs.

I just realized he customised the case for me too! A good 4 days after receiving the specs 😂

PMS-ing now.

I get agitated easily, as I realized today, after work. But I don’t know if it’s easily agitated or the same thing happened 3 times in a row, which pissed me off. I think I have the right to display my unhappiness, although I have to admit, it wasn’t very nice.

I have 10,000 different cravings. Kueh chap, carrot cake, hokkien mee, salmon sashimi, pizza, burrito etc.

And I got myself an onigiri from Giant.

I was pleasantly surprised that this onigiri is so much bigger and have more ingredients than any I’ve seen so far 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Worn my new #taobao earrings out one by one.


I super love this pineapple one 🍍🍍

Every morning was fun, thinking of which earring goes best with my outfit.

I wore this for two days.

It’s small, classy and dainty. Good for working days, or when you have like a formal meeting to attend.

Gonna try something else tomorrow.. maybe that grey flower 🌼 #ivyytaobao

Planned for another #JB staycation! #dayretravel #dayretravels

Sharing this good deal: Secret Escape is having a promo for Amari JB at $76/night, breakfast included + 30 min massage!

Valid from Nov’17 – Mar’18. Deal is ending in 6 days’ time.

Use my link and you can get $25 free credit. Disclaimer: it’s a referral link so it’s a win-win situation for both of us ✌🏼

They had a sale previously for Sofitel Sentosa at $278/night and I regretted not buying. My colleague went over the Hari Raya weekend and enjoyed herself immensely.

Waiting for any potential BKK hotels for our upcoming trip.. #goodthingsmustshare

Datz me.

Feels like I’m getting boring day by day. It’s just work and home, work and home.

Hardly take pictures because camera is disabled. I try to enable it everyday. So far it’s pretty good, but nothing interesting to snap 😂

Finally a #dayrebrides update!

Got myself bridesmaid #3!

I’m actually past my deadline. I gave ourselves until T-365 to #tohtallylokey to decide on the four brothers and sisters but I’m 11 days overdue and my list is still not complete.

I don’t think the husband has his yet..

Anyway, so glad @blubaobao can be my bridesmaid!! 🎊🎉 Our weddings are 2 months apart and we are not superstitious so YAY!

Yay. HLE got re-evaluated. Had to resubmit all our documents and mydocs@HDB was a bitch. Only PDF and JPEG allowed, have to go through step 1 to 10 to submit each and every single document (there were 10 docs in total)

We got updated to Oct/Nov. I really hope it’s Oct though! So many people have collected their keys and I can’t wait for our turn. #dayrehomes #tohtallylokeyhome