DIY Jar Label

Over the weekend, the husband was out to visit his secondary school teacher so I stayed home, did some housework and had the whole house to myself!

I think it’s good to have some me-time even when we are living together. Hubs and I have different taste in shows so I got to catch up on my shows (hello The Amazing Race and Black Mirror!)

Still in the midst of arranging the stuff in the kitchen cabinet but I’m more or less there.

I also got to do a bit of #DIY!

Found this on a arohammer’s post and decided to try it. It’s really simple and can be done in 15 minutes! #dayrehomes

First, print the labels that you want!

I just did a simple one via Microsoft word.

Then, use a clear tape and tape over it.

I didn’t have a big enough clear tape so I used scotch tape and overlap them.

Do remember to overlap them if 1 later is not enough because if there’s no overlapping, they will come out in the next step!

Soak them in water.

And the rub the paper away. It should come off rather easily.

And just stick them on!

People often get confused which doorbell to press so I did this HAHAHA

The bottom one is the original from HDB but we bought a wireless doorbell instead.


Don’t have to worry about the stickiness of the tape. It will still stick on!

As simple as that!

Btw, vinegar mixture (1 part vinegar, 1 part water) is damn good for every single kind of cleaning in the house. Super love it!