vegetable soup | flowers

Another attempt at #ivyytkitchenadventure yesterday!

Pretty easy to guess what my dish was yea? #dayrecooks

Chopped all the vegetables up!

Sweet corn

My mum gave us these to make some soup!

Start by boiling 3.5 bowls of water in med-high heat.

My mum said if it’s just the 2 of us, 2 bowls will do. But.. there’s barely enough water in the pot to cook the vegetables so I added more.

Once the water boils, throw all the vegetables in. When it starts boiling again, change to low heat and let it simmer. Depends on how soft you want your vegetables to be. I let it simmer for 30 min because I like the vegetables very soft.

Threw in some vegetarian meatballs and dumplings.

I cheated by adding a little mushroom seasoning and 大菜头 because I was worried the soup will be tasteless.

It was very sweet indeed 😀 oh and a little too much for 2 pax. I have a bowl left over which will be my dinner for tonight.

It’s a very simple dish, but an achievement for me.

I’m very very scared to attempt Chinese food because I’ve never done it before. If I fail, it means either there’s no dinner, or it’s just very 难吃. Which I’m fine with, if I’m alone. But now there’s the hubs so ya.

Every small step means one step forward, more dishes learnt.

Very happy that I have a kitchen to call my own! Gradually conquering my fear of cooking (Chinese food) haha.

Got these beauties today!

Always wanted some flowers to brighten up the house.

And some thistles.

I picked the main flowers from my solemnisation bouquet.

Still loving this 2 choices!

My end product! For the dining table.

Plenty of thistles left so took some random jar and put a ribbon on. It’s on my coffee table!

Flowers always brighten up the space, don’t they?

The remaining flowers from my vday bouquet. The hydrangea died after not seeing it for one day.

Hydrangea absorbs water through their petals so I guess one day of not dunking them into water killed them.

Short-lived happiness.

These eustomas are blooming really well though.

Added crushed aspirins into their water to make them last longer so I guess they are druggies? 😂

Thinking of getting some floral and fauna for the house but I hate that they die easily so that means I have to change their water (and them) regularly. Maybe getting dried flowers seems like a better idea?

Loving the scent so far. Puka greets ke the moment I enter the house, and the heavier scent of Bifei creates a really nice ambience for the bedroom.

Now let’s see how long 60ml last us…

My breakfast these days…

Can’t wake up earlier for nuts so i prepare my breakfast the night before.

Rolled oats
Chia seeds
Mixed nuts and berries

And milk!


Keeps me really filled till lunch time.

Have been using my Baymax almost every other day and I luuuuurrrrvvvveee it so much.

There’s still a lot of renovation going on in my block and Baymax has been of a great help. I still don’t know how can there be so much sand and dust in my house even though the windows are all closed.

My SIL got version 2, which has the mopping function and it looks pretty cool.

My cleanser brush from @braintango’s spree came!

Comes with the wireless charger.

Charging this right now and can’t wait to use it later!

Finally managed to do some #dayrebrides work!

I kinda freaked out when I realized I haven’t book any MUA for my mum. It doesn’t help that my date is so frigging popular, I can’t even keep count of how many rejections I’ve gotten because the MUAs are all booked.

Finally gotten one from a fellow Sept’s bride recommendation! Her rates are affordable, and the makeup she does looks very natural. She didn’t even collect deposit from me at all!

And I finally contacted my MUA to let her know I want her to stay for my second March-in. Bypassed the bridal studio because it’s so much cheaper like this.

Okay. One item down! So I gotta start doing up my guest list now.

my CNY!

Happy CNY! 🍊🍊

It’s Day 4 and I dragged myself back to work today.

The CNY weekend has been wonderful, though it felt a bit weird because it’s truly the last year of taking angbaos.

And because of that, my mum wanted me to stay the night at their place.

Bittersweet I guess?

Day 1 started with us 拜年-ing to my parents, and then we took our usual family photo!

Yes with our terrapin too!

It’s a bit sad to know this is the last year I’ll do this as the first thing to start off our CNY day 1.




Let’s rewind a bit to the night before. Our reunion dinner is crazy because everybody comes together every single year.

We have like 4 steamboat/bbq pots!

This year was a little bit more crowded because my cousin and her small family came back from Korea, and my aunt’s family joined in too!

This is what you get when you have bulking male cousins hahaha

One half…

And the other half!

I wouldn’t trade this night for anything else.

I hope this is one constant that will never change!

My MIL knows that our big reunion is on 除夕 itself and I’m very appreciative that she lets us have an early dinner with them so we wouldn’t miss this one.

And my #ootd for day 1 – Olivia ruffles dress from #Ohvola!

The hubs came for my day 1 part 2!

And we went back home together 😀

Day 2 was spent with his side of the house, and then to his army’s friend’s place before heading to my uncle’s house.

CNY is truly the biggest holiday in my family. Even though we see each other on day 1, we will not rest until we visit every single house.

And another round of yusheng! This was my.. 4th one already?


Another gambling sesh at night with the clique!

Taught 2 caucasians how to play mahjong. A bit challenging for them because they can’t read Chinese so apart from 东南西北🀄️白板发财,they also can’t read the 万子series.

It was fun though! I won $4 in total 😂😂

So that marks the end of the CNY weekend for me. It was back to work today 😩

My family went to River Hongbao and they didn’t tell me 😭😭

I’m still a bit upset 😦

Is this how it will be like? That I will no longer be joining them as much as before? This transition is really no fun 😭


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I told the husband that I don’t need flowers since it’s a quiet evening at home.

Lies 😂

It started when I was helping my colleague help her father look for bouquet yesterday.

The more I find, the more I wanted a bouquet too, even though I know it’s exorbitant.

“Flowers or money?”

Hahah I told him give me the money sua.

In the morning when he kissed me goodbye, i still tell him not to get me flowers when I’m still in sleep mode.

Throughout the day, I was telling him I wanted a money bouquet made of blue hydrangeas LOL. $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 everywhere!

Then I randomly sent him an IGstory from a florist who is still selling bouquets for delivery 4-10pm.

Just as I was leaving office at 6pm, I received a call saying I have a delivery.

Well, I had 2 deliveries earlier so I just told the person to leave it there.

Delivery person: errrrr do you know what it is?

Me: nope but it’s okay!

Delivery person: errr. I tell you la. It’s actually a bouquet.

Me: oh!

Delivery person: I’ll leave it here, but just remember to put the bouquet at a cool area when you get it.


So the husband got me bouquet after all!


I made dinner for us today. Actually it’s just like any other days LOL.

His pork chops.

And my slightly over cooked steak.

Made very simple meals. Just salt and pepper (and mixed herbs for his).


It’s our first valentine’s day at #tohtallylokeyhome so it’s extra special too.

And my bouquet! It was between hydrangea and sunflowers and the husband sure knows what I prefer 😀 I’m a sucker for flowers hahaha.

And my Scent by Six fragrance came right on time!

One for the living room and one for the bedroom.

I got 1724 Puka for the living room and Bifei, which is a slightly heavier scent, for the bedroom.

My living room smells so good now!

With my forever valentine!

And we finally wore our matching PJs from Taobao today 😀

My first Chinese homecooked meal

I’m an absolute noob when it comes to Chinese cuisine and I’m always afraid of cooking because I’ve never really tried it before.

Today, I took the first step. Today, I cooked some Chinese food.

Since it’s just the 2 of us, I usually use the electric lunch box to cook our rice. Then I remembered seeing quite a number of dishes you can cook with it in YouTube so I did a quick search!

I decided on steamed tofu with minced pork 😀

For the minced meat!

1 tbsp oyster sauce (I’m using vegetarian because the husband is going vegetarian for CNY soon)
1/2 tsp sugar
A few drops of sesame oil.

Mix everything together!

Place it on top of tofu.
Steam it until the light goes off.

My rice is on the bottom tier heh


Cooked long beans with carrot and corn.

I thought it might end up quite badly because I put a tad too much water, turns out okay!

Our simple meal today!

Sent this photo to my mum and it got her approval!

“Looks nice”



The husband says it’s okay too so I’m happy! 😊

Recipe: Honey Cornflakes Cup

Honey Cornflakes Cup

With CNY just around the corner, my mom has been experimenting with different snacks recipes with our air-fryer. Air-fryer is amazing seriously, it can do a lot of things!

So A and I decided to experiment too, and since he was craving for some honey cornflakes cup, that would be it!

It’s very simple. Only 3 ingredients needed!

Honey Cornflakes Cup

150 grams plain cornflakes
2 tablespoon honey
50 gram unsalted butter
chocolate rice / rainbow sprinkles (optional)

Honey Cornflakes Cup
Honey Cornflakes Cup

Melt the butter and honey in a saucepan until it is fully liquid.

Honey Cornflakes Cup

Put your cornflakes in a big bowl. Crush the cornflakes into smaller pieces.

Honey Cornflakes Cup

Pour the melted mixture of butter and honey into the bowl of cornflakes and stir it properly so that your cornflakes will be coated evenly.

Honey Cornflakes Cup
Honey Cornflakes Cup
Honey Cornflakes Cup

Spoon them into the cups!

Bake them at 150 degrees for about 15 minutes, especially if you like them golden and crispy.

Honey Cornflakes Cup
Honey Cornflakes Cup
Tada! This recipe serves about 70+ mini cups. It’s really simple and fast! We gobbled up the first batch rather quickly so we made another serving.


1. Melt butter and honey over small heat until mixture turned into liquid.
2. Crush the cornflakes into smaller pieces.
3. Add the honey butter mixture into the bowl of cornflakes and stir to ensure cornflakes is coated with the mixture evenly.
4. Spoon the cornflakes into mini baking cups. Add some rainbow sprinkles if you want to!
5. Bake at 150 degrees celcius for 15 minutes, especially if you like your cornflakes to be golden brown and crispy.
6. Wait for the cornflakes to cool before packing ’em.

My parents loved them, A is now a happy boy and I just bought more cornflakes to make 😀 I heard how expensive some places are selling them, like $14 per container.. like whut?! This is definitely wayyyy cheaper to make them at home and it is not time-consuming!

Just reposting an old entry here for my own record!

I got all the ingredients ready but with moving and spring cleaning, I still haven’t got the time to do this T.T

first impromptu hosting!

First impromptu hosting at #tohtallylokeyhome!

It was supposed to be a dinner outside but we changed it to our house because my two very good friends popped by with heavy gifts!


With barely anything at home, I rushed to the supermarket to grab some stuff.

So here we are, pasta with mushroom and broccoli, and honey baked chicken! #ivyytkitchenadventure

My first time using the built-in oven and I was reading the manual as I tried. So afraid that the chicken won’t be cooked 😂

I usually have problem gauging how much pasta to cook for one pax, and it’s 4 today 😓I guess the amount was okay for us! We ended the night with ice cream 🍨


I’ve never been so happy about receiving a tool box before HAHAHAHA

And of course, air fryer! 💕💕

So this marks the first proper meal I’ve cooked here, and the first hosting 😀 😀

Can’t wait to stock up the fridge over the weekend, clean all the electrical appliances so I can do a proper cookout!

My problem now is.. I can’t remember where I put all the different stuff 😅😅

#firstworldproblems for new #dayrehomes owners? 😬