Proposal anniversary!

Hehehe the husband proposed to me on this date, 2 years ago.

Thought it would be quite memorable to pen down our proposal on this date. Also for myself to reminisce!

Let’s see.. where do I begin..

January 2016

A friend shared with us about her wonderful dinner at Prive and in turn, i shared it with A because it’s at Keppel Bay – my favourite place!

He suggested for us to go for our monthsary dinner date and my alarms were ringing because we don’t usually go to such fine-dining places for our monthsary dates.

Jan’s monthsary came and went and we didn’t manage to go so we pushed it back to February, and because I started my new job then, we agreed that I’d give him a treat.

February 2016

I kept wondering if he was gonna propose during the dinner because..

1. Our monthsary date
2. It was rare for him to suggest going to such places
3. I mentioned before I wanted a private proposal – just us

But because he kept saying that he looking forward to a treat, I didn’t really think he was going to propose.

26 February 2016

I suggested dressing up since such nice dinner dates were rare, and because I still have the tiniest hope that he might propose. LOL.

We were going to meet at Vivo and head to the restaurant together, but I had to OT. I was quite pissed about staying back in the office because my thoughts were


My crappy job wasn’t worth missing the proposal for. LOL. To make things worse for my mind, my cab driver missed an exit and we took way longer than it should.

Nothing was amiss when I reached there. We had dinner as usual, and everything was normal. We finished our main courses and still nothing, so I was quite sian and a little upset that he wasn’t going to propose.

The proposal

It took about 20 minutes for our dessert to come. While waiting, I saw someone with a mini birthday cake and I joked saying we should have said it’s my birthday or something so I get a birthday cake as well. He was like, “okay I’ll go tell them” and HE REALLY LEFT THE TABLE!

Our dessert came and then he passed his phone to the waiter and asked him to help us take a photo.

I was really confused because the dessert was nothing special and I could have easily taken a photo of the dessert myself?

The next thing I knew, another waiter passed him a bouquet of flowers and he was kneeling down in front of me!

Will you marry me? 💍

👧🏻: that’s it? where’s my speech?
👦🏻: huh? oh. 40 months ago……..


We had a seat by a window, and there was an event happening outside. So while he was giving his speech, the people outside realised what was happening and everybody was staring.

Yes I will!

Of course I said yes, and my sparkly ring was on my finger, FINALLY! People started clapping and I was really shy HAHAHAHA. After the attention died down, I was like “HOW CAN YOU NOT PREPARE A SPEECH?!” hahahahahaha.

Anyway, it was 1.5 months after we made payment for the ring, and the ring seems loose on my finger. I LOST 1 RING SIZE IN 1.5 MONTHS. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

Our sales assistant told us that it is highly unlikely to drop ring sizes and look what happened. 😂

Where’s my photographer?

I am a photo-centric person, so I did tell him before that I would love to have like a hidden photographer or some sort, so that I can have photos to remember our special day. He got the waiter to take video, and some photos, but they were ALL VERY DARK and ugly (as shown above). Like I look fat because of the way I was seated. RAH.

No photographer because our photographer friend, Kenneth (from – please check him out LOL) had a concert to attend.

👧🏻: Then you could have gotten our solemnisation photographer, or any other photographers right?!
👦🏻: -quiet-

so no nice photos from the proposal, AT ALL =(

Handmade scrapbook!

A knows I love handmade stuff, like we will gift each other a handmade card on special occasions and he got me a handmade scrapbook.

Some snippets..

He was wondering when he should give me the scrapbook. If he gave it to me before he asked, then I would have known already, so he gave it to me after.

Since we didn’t capture any nice photos during the proposal, we took some of our own after!

 Behind the scenes

I asked about his preparation and even though it’s not a big proposal, he was so thoughtful about everything, and it really touched me.

We paid for the engagement ring (will touch more about it later) on 3 Jan, and it was ready a month later. I was quite surprised that it was so quick.

Ring collection

A collected the ring after work and it so happened that he was in Popular looking for scrapbook supplies when I texted him “WHERE ARE YOU?”

He got a scare, thinking that I saw him in Orchard. 😂 I was just at home, asking him a random question and I had no idea I almost gave him a heart attack. HAHAHA.

Asking for my parents’ blessing

A went to seek for my parents’ blessings a week before he proposed!

He took a day off and visited my parents during lunch. Apparently, when my parents saw him, both of them were like “WHAT HAPPENED?! WHAT’S WRONG?!”

He told them the purpose of his visit and then my mom told him, “Ivy 是我们的宝贝女儿,你要好好对待她”

I didn’t cry during the proposal but I started tearing when I heard this. My parents do not say such stuff so I kept asking him if he was serious that these were the exact words my mom said.

Kopi session with my dad

My dad brought A to have coffee and asked him about our future plans regarding marriage and kids. He asked A about my temper (well I do take after my dad when it comes to temper) and told him that a lasting marriage is all about hard work and compromise.

A shared with him that we intend to have 1 big event per year. So solemnisation in 2016, house in 2017, wedding in 2018.

My dad love kids so naturally he asked about kids. A said he wanted to focus on his career first but my dad worries about late pregnancy (something that I really agree with) He told A to allow nature takes its course. Should we be blessed with kids, we should be happy.

Before he left, he told my parents to not leak it out to me.

I went home after my status upgrade, and when my mom saw the bouquet in my hand, she asked me

Why got bouquet again??

(The first bouquet was for Valentine’s Day)

I replied, 你不要假假啦!

She stared at the bouquet for a good minute then “是今天meh?!”

The only reason why she didn’t leak anything was because she totally forgot about it LOL.


A said that he thought I would have sense something was wrong because of his text replies on the day he took leave.

He doesn’t usually reply me very quickly, and our weekday messages are about 150 messages? (Between App has the stats, I did not count them lol)

So he replied me very quickly, and seemed very free that day. Thankfully I did not notice his quick replies until he mentioned it!

He took leave on the day of proposal but after realizing his mistakes of replying too quickly, he had to act like he was at work the whole time.

He usually text me when he wakes up and on that day itself, because he didn’t have to wake up so early, there wasn’t any text so I texted him first.

I was a little suspicious about that but I figured he could have forgotten. Lol. I really wasn’t suspecting anything!

Ok more photos since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Got it resized after our solemnisation because I dropped one ring size in 2 months.

No idea how I did it, but I’d love to do it once more before our AD in September!

So that’s my proposal! #tohtallylokey

Not entirely a surprise, but still love it. I did know that it was coming because I chose my own ring, and also because I told him I want to enjoy each status upgrade, so I wanted to enjoy my “fiancee” status for at least half a year before upgrading to “wife”.


Choosing my engagement ring!

I don’t think I’ve written about my rings before! Here’s a post dedicated to my engagement ring + wedding bands before I forgot about our journey to choosing the one! #tohtallylokey

It all started when I read about #JannPaul on HWZ. So much so that I was the one who proposed setting an appointment with them instead of A doing it 😒 I wanted to choose my own ring because I’m going to be wearing it and I rather wear something that I like, rather than have the element of surprise and not like the ring A chose.

Prior to our trip, we had a discussion on A’s budget and what I wanted. From the start, I knew I wanted a ring with side diamonds. The smallest diamond size I’d like would be a 0.38. I thought it was dainty and not too tiny.

Our first visit to JannPaul

We were served by Joy. Every first visit at JP starts with an educational session on diamonds. She taught us on the 4Cs of diamond, showing us the different variety they have and how to identify a good diamond. For noobs like us, it was really useful. We, or rather I, had a fun time looking at all the various settings they have!

Best part is that customisation is available and it’s up to our imagination as to how we want to craft the ring. I was blown away by the service was JP. There was absolutely no hard-sell at any point of time!

Keeping our options open and having advice given to us, we went to other places like The Canary @ Delphi.

I cannot remember the person who served us but it wasn’t a nice experience.

Oh, given his budget, we could have gotten a bigger diamond at Canary than JP.


After our session at JP, we had a little more knowledge on diamonds but there wasn’t much explanation given to us. After knowing that I wanted something with side diamonds and our budget, she took out these TWO ring settings (as above) and a couple of diamond sizes. Briefly stated the 4Cs and asked if we want to confirm. What? Just like that? She didn’t seem keen on answering our questions nor did she seem very inclined to help us. We left and never went back.

A’s SIL and BIL brought us to Cartier and Tiff & Co. They wanted to show us that it IS possible to get a branded ring with A’s budget. I’m not someone who is very particular on the brand.

(Ring from tiff&co)

Well, it was indeed possible to get something with his budget. A 0.24 carat diamond. Nothing caught my eye despite it being branded. I thought my ‘minimum requirement’ of a 0.38 diamond was already very low, but 0.24 is.. tiny. I know different people have different preferences but it’s just not for me.

Besides, I didn’t like any of the ring settings too. Both were definitely out! However, from this trip, I learnt that A would have gotten a Tiff&Co ring for me if I didn’t insist on choosing my own ring! THANK GOD I SAID I WANTED A SAY IN IT.
We went back to JP quite a lot of times. I was hesitating between an Octagon diamond vs a Super Ideal. I really wanted the Octagon but given A’s budget, I can only get a low 0.4x carat, which won’t be obvious. Like, if i get a SI with 6 prongs, it’d also look like an Octagon so what’s the point?

Can you spot it?

Octagon at the top, SI below.

Octagon + side diamonds.

No side diamonds?


Now why did I not go for this flashy one?

A said to go for the SI, then I can get a bigger one. All in all, we made a total of 4 visits to JP and finally got it locked down! Being fickle-minded, there were a couple of times I texted Joy and even asked her to keep a diamond for me before my next visit.

Joy said that in all my visits, this is the one setting that I’ve picked out without fail. She purposely did not want to bring my attention to this setting when I was looking at it but I always go back to this one.

Speaking of which, do look for Joy if you’re there! She’s really a joy to work with 😊

We did not make any customisation, except to change the heart-shaped prongs to a normal claw prong.
Tips for choosing your engagement ring

These are just what I’ve learnt and is a non-exhaustive list of tips. It’s my first time choosing an engagement ring and diamond (hopefully not the last, LOL. *hint hint* HUBBY!)

Hopefully it will be useful to some of you 😊

1. Budget

You’re getting married soon and finance is something that both parties have to talk about sooner or later.

Set a budget for the ring. 5k? 10k? As long as you can afford it, why not?

You want it, but he thinks it’s too expensive/excessive. He wants it flashy for you, but you think the money could be better used in renovations.

Make sure both are comfortable with the budget otherwise the engagement ring will be used as ammunition in future disagreements.

2. 4C – Order of importance
So what’s more important for you? Carat? Colour? Clarity? Cut?

For me, it’s cut + colour > carat > clarity

I avoid H colour because that’s where the yellow tinge can be seen with your naked eyes.

Clarity wise, no SI levels for me. I keep my range from VVS1 to VS2.

Cut is important because that affects the sparkle of your diamond. It’s also the shape!

Bigger carat or a better clarity. I chose carat because this is much more noticeable. The inclusions can only be seen under the microscope.

3. Time
Time is needed to create your ring, more so for customized rings.

For JP, it’s about a month (from your deposit) for your ring to be ready. I can’t say anything for customized rings cos I understand the mould and everything requires more time.

Also set aside some time to test your ring and see if re-sizing is needed. My finger slimmed down (?!) and re-sizing took 3-4 weeks. I waited for 23 days before my baby came back.

4. Material – White gold or Platinum?
Platinum is naturally white whereas white gold is coated with rhodium plating which gives it a white look.

Over time, white gold will fade to a yellowish tinge but re-polishing and re-plating the ring makes it look as good as new again.

Durability-wise, platinum is stronger and more durable.

Platinum is also heavier than white gold. This means it’s also more expensive!

We went for white gold in the end because taking platinum means almost 1k more!

I don’t believe in getting a ring that MUST DIE DIE cost 3x of the monthly salary. If both parties are comfortable with whatever amount, then you’re good to go!

Eventually we were a little over his initial budget, because we took a bigger diamond. A wanted to get a bigger one for me and I felt a little guilty choosing this, but I guess after everything, I have no regrets! I hope he doesn’t too. LOL.

This is like the most expensive item I’ve ever owned and will own in the near future.

I’m still religiously cleaning/washing my ring on a weekly basis though! I think A is really proud of how I’m taking care of my babies aka rings. Lol!

We had a disagreement over this engagement ring though. I think it is our only HUGE argument to date.

A kept asking why there is a need for an engagement ring and he seemed very reluctant to get it. I know it’s a marketing strategy by the De Beers brothers but hey, it’s once in a lifetime okay. Well, so glad that’s over now.

Oops didn’t realize this is such a long post. Will keep our wedding bands for the next one then!